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  • Geek out with the Smart Language Additions in ColdFusion 2018
    Rakshith Naresh Product Manager for ColdFusion, Adobe

    Adobe ColdFusion 2018 brings numerous nifty improvements to the language. The goal of this session is not to just show you the new improvements in action, but also to inspire you to incorporate some of these powerful features in your existing applications. In this session, attendees will see firsthand how the changes can be applied to a popular existing applications. It goes without saying that applications with new code can also take advantage of the new feature set offered within ColdFusion 2018. See a lot of code. Have fun. And hey, if you can apply what you learn, then you can also win at answering some of the interactive programming questions that might be thrown at you. This session is designed to provide more power to all you developers! More power to all you developers!

  • Making Your Applications Fast and Furious with the New Performance Monitoring Toolset in CF 2018!
    Elishia Dvorak ColdFusion Solution Consultant & Evangelist, Adobe

    The all-new Performance Monitoring Toolset in Adobe ColdFusion 2018 is geared towards today’s development needs, providing a full-spectrum solution to not only self-diagnose and heal, but also a profiling capability for the developer who needs something more to tune existing applications for performance. In this session, attendees will learn how to easily diagnose bottlenecks in your current applications, be the first to know about production problems, and take your troubleshooting to the next level with the new self-healing connector tuning capabilities.

  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Hidden Gems
    Charlie Arehart ColdFusion Troubleshooting Consultant, CArehart.org

    It’s that time again, another new version of ColdFusion (CF) has come out: Adobe ColdFusion 2018. Now is the time for veteran CF troubleshooter and presenter Charlie Arehart to continue his tradition of identifying “hidden gems” within the new release, as he has been doing since CF4. Sure, most people can name a few of the big, new features in each release, while others will lament that “there’s not mny new changes,” when in fact there is! Similar to past releases of CF, there are several things that go unheralded, which may be just what you have been waiting for, whether you are solving a long-standing problem or providing a new technique related to coding, troubleshooting, administration, enterprise integration, or more. Charlie will also help identify edition differences, pricing, migration issues, and more.

  • Securing Mature CFML Codebases
    Pete Freitag Software Engineer & Web Consultant, Foundeo Inc.

    Large and mature ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) code bases have unique challenges when it comes to ensuring that they are secure. This session will go over some techniques for finding vulnerabilities and improving the security of your CFML application over time.

  • Step into Serverless with AWS and Adobe ColdFusion
    Brian Klaas Senior Technology Officer, Johns Hopkins University

    Adobe ColdFusion is a great tool for web applications, even if it is not the right tool for every job. For example, it is not easy to do machine learning, video compression, and computer vision from within ColdFusion. Who wants to set up servers or Docker Clusters for those tasks when ColdFusion is not the best fit? In this session, we will take a look at getting started in a serverless environment with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Step Functions--a powerful, visual way to orchestrate functions and services within the AWS Cloud. Along the way, you will learn about AWS services, such as Lambda, S3, Rekognition, Translate, and Transcribe. Join us to see how you can invoke and track serverless workflows from within your ColdFusion applications, and how to harness the vast array of AI and computational power that AWS provides with a simple “embrace and extend with ColdFusion” approach.

  • Faster Queries in ColdFusion & SQL Server
    Eric Cobb Database Development Manager, Centauri Health Solutions, Inc

    Adobe ColdFusion makes it easy to retrieve data from SQL Servers, however your queries may not be performing as well as they could be. In this session, we will take a look at ways to speed up your queries in both CFML and SQL Servers, as well as discuss things you may be doing that are slowing your queries down. With a detailed look at SELECT statements, Stored Procedures, indexes, and learning to read query execution plans, this session will have you well on your way to turbocharging your queries in CF & SQL Servers alike!

  • Refreshing Your UI: Modern Uses for WebSockets
    Giancarlo Gomez Owner of CrossTrackr, Inc. and Fuse Developments, Inc. & Senior Web Application Developer, Duty Free Americas

    Is your application suffering from stale UIs? Is your server begging you to limit the amount of useless calls to see if there is something new to display to your users? Do your users suffer from finger clicking pain due to refresh button abuse? Well, look no further my friend, we have the solution that is right for you--welcome to the world of WebSockets! In this presentation, attendees will learn how easy it is to implement WebSockets into your applications as of Adobe ColdFusion 10. Our speaker will review some real world uses of this technology, and discuss some tips and tricks to help keep them up and running through several failure points. Attendees of this session should have some knowledge of JavaScript, as it is needed to work with WebSockets.

  • CF + ReactJS
    Minh Vo Lead Engineer, Draft Studios & Head of Development and Security, Advantage Data Inc.

    Today, it is still uncommon to find an Adobe ColdFusion developer with a high JavaScript skill that has had to deal with interactivity programming to a high degree. In this session, attendees will learn how to rig the following functionalities: parallax, scroll handling, simple animations, ColdFusion web sockets for real-time interactivity, fetching JSON from a ColdFusion CFC, and extreme reusability and modularity. Join us as our speaker conveys the essence of a ReactJS + CF project buildout in 45 minutes. You will want to go straight home to build out the funky stuff we made!

  • The Many Hidden Benefits of the Adobe API Manager to Unlock the Power of API's
    Brian Sappey Applications Architect at Market America and Manager of Engineering, SHOP.com

    In this session, attendees will learn how to utilize the many hidden features of the Adobe API Manager, with a provided look and examples to get you started. Furthermore, attendees will gain a full understanding of the many benefits of using the native APIs which power the API Manager. Whether you are migrating from an existing platform, automating your workflows, or integrating with third-party sites, this session will give you the ability to enhance your development experience. As an added benefit, our speaker will be providing a real-world example of a custom Word Press Plugin, which was built to integrate with our internal and external APIs utilizing the Native Adobe Manager APIs.

  • Revamp Your Monolith with Hierarchical MVC
    Luis Majano President, Ortus Solutions

    Learn about building your applications using a hierarchical modular approach, and leave the age of monoliths behind with HMVC. In this session, we will explore the architecture behind HMVC and create a RESTFul application that is modular, versioned, and scalable. We will then containerize the application and deploy it into a Docker swarm.