New this year! Join the Adobe ColdFusion Pre-Conference Workshop for interactive, hands-on sessions delivered by Adobe ColdFusion experts. Bring your own device, and take your pick of which day-long workshop you'd like to step into and receive hands-on training and actionable best practices.
Session 1: Security Workshop
Learn how to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your Adobe ColdFusioncodebases. We'll cover the several classes of web application security vulnerabilities and how they pertain to CFML. Using a vulnerable CFML web application pre-built for training, you will learn:
  • What red flags to look for in the code
  • How attackers may exploit the vulnerabilities
  • Techniques for improving the security of your CFML code
Session 2: Angular + CFML Workshop
Among Adobe ColdFusion's many great features, with several ways to easily build APIs, Angular is still one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks to date, and is a great tool for building front-end web apps that talk to server-side APIs—let’s learn about both API capabilities and combine the two!
In this workshop we'll go over the basics of how to start building apps with Angular. You'll learn some essential node.js commands, the MVVM design pattern, TypeScript basics, and will create several Angular applications. Attendees will also learn several ways Adobe ColdFusion can be used to create server-side APIs for a variety of codebase styles (i.e., legacy CFML, proper MVC, and something in between the two). And finally we'll connect our ColdFusion API up to an Angular front-end application. Before registering, check out this session's prerequisites.

Who Should Attend?
The Adobe ColdFusion pre-conference workshop is ideal for existing Adobe ColdFusion users who have basic proficiency in the application and are looking to expand their expertise in one of the topics mentioned above.
Pricing & Payment
The standard price for the full-day workshop is $99.00 USD. Payment is required for admittance into the workshop. If payment is not received, your entry will not be permitted. This program is non-refundable. Under no circumstances will refunds be issued. The price covers the registration fee, food and beverages for the day, and the expert hands-on training provided.
*Federal Employees, if you would like to register for this event and cannot submit payment online, please call the Adobe team at Carahsoft at 877-992-3623 for registration and payment.