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Chason Hecht

Founder and CEO, Retensa

Chason Hecht is an advocate and innovator of employee retention strategies and the Founder and CEO of Retensa. Retensa unlocks insights hidden in workforce data to resolve the social, operational, and financial impact of employee turnover with predictive analytics software in 54 countries and 12 languages. Mr. Hecht is the world’s most recognized employee retention expert, noted by global media including NBC News, ABC News, Forbes, BusinessWeek, the Associated Press, HR Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, World Policy Institute, and the United Nations. He is the publisher of Employee Retention News and a popular keynote speaker from Kentucky to Kuala Lumpur. Previously, Chason served as Vice President of Operations at an international manufacturer where he led employee motivation and reward programs, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. As Manager of Technology at a global consulting firm, he oversaw multi-million dollar IT projects across the US and Europe. Additionally, Chason bicycled across the United States, climbed Mt Fuji, and fixed tanks in the Israeli army.