Tuesday, March 26

Unlocking Healthcare IT Success: Solving Challenges with SolarWinds Observability, Database Management, and Security Solutions

Speakers: Josh Stageberg - VP of Product Management, Scott Pross - VP of Technology - Monalytic - a SolarWinds Company

Time: 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

In today's healthcare landscape, ensuring the seamless operation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) while meeting stringent HIPAA requirements is paramount. Healthcare organizations rely heavily on EHR and Database Management tools to provide undisrupted, quality patient care, creating immense pressure on the teams monitoring application performance and database reliability.

Join SolarWinds Healthcare and Database experts in an illuminating webinar to discover how SolarWinds Observability, Database Management and Security Solutions serve as the cornerstone for achieving these goals:
• Gain insights into how SolarWinds solutions empower healthcare organizations to navigate the complexities of EHR management and cybersecurity
• Discover best practices for Database Management—monitoring and troubleshooting across various database types including on-premises, cloud and hybrid
• Explore how robust database management ensures the integrity and accessibility of critical patient data while stringent security measures safeguard against potential breaches and HIPAA violations
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CyberMaxx MDR Vendor Selection Webinar

Speakers: Michael Cena - A+E Networks - Head of Cybersecurity, Richard Weiss - AccentCare - CISO, John Pinhkam, CyberMaxx Cybersecurity Strategy Expert - Moderator

In this webinar, attendees will learn:
• How to truly assess their internal needs and challenges
• How to evaluate and understand the MDR vendor landscape
• How to select the right MDR vendor for today and tomorrow
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