Public sector officials are invited to join peers, government leaders, and Adobe solution experts for an engaging one-day event filled with breakout sessions, government keynote speeches, expert and government panels, and an interactive networking hall.
This year’s conference will feature four different talk tracks that will focus on improving government services to transform citizen experiences.
Digital Learning Start creating and delivering custom digital learning experiences from beginning to end that engage your learners and reach them across multiple devices. Attend this track to learn how to create diverse and immersive content with smart eLearning authoring tools, then deliver lessons and trainings in secure, accessible virtual classrooms, and finally manage your curriculum and track learner progress with an easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS). Experience the profound difference you can make in your workforce by streamlining your eLearning workflow with Adobe’s seamless solution integration.
Design for All In the rapidly changing government landscape, how can you ensure you’re creating seamless experiences for citizens? Attend this track to learn how to enable your agency to elevate user-centered designs and create interactive experiences on every screen. From desktop to mobile applications, design, collaborate, edit, publish, and inspire with Adobe to create exceptional experiences for your constituents. 
Citizen and Employee Engagement The citizens you serve expect the same type of digital experiences from your department as they do from their everyday online interactions – ones that are personalized, seamless, and easy to interact with anywhere, on any device. Attend this track to discover how Adobe enables agencies to modernize and personalize digital processes, streamline and protect assets, and transform how departments go digital.
Efficient Government Processes One of the greatest challenges government faces is lack of efficiency in everyday processes. From the mix of legacy technology, burdensome, paper-based processes, and digital environments, employees are left bogged down with time-consuming tasks and citizens are frustrated with experiences that fall short of expectations. Attend this track to learn how to streamline processes for employees and citizens alike, and learn how Adobe is leading digital transformation in government with tools that are secure, intuitive, and allow for 100% digital workflows in the efficient experiences track.
Now is the time for government agencies to reimagine citizen and employee experiences. Discover how Adobe is leading in digital transformation across federal, state, and local agencies.
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