Demo & Networking Kiosk Agenda

Below you will find our Monday demoing partners. Stop by the Carahsoft booth (#507) to see their solutions live and to win prizes!
  • Confluent

    Kiosk 1 - Your business is in motion. Now, you have a data platform for it. Confluent makes connecting your apps, data systems, and entire organization easy with real-time data flows and processing.

  • OnSolve

    Kiosk 2 - OnSolve will demo our secure, cloud-based solutions for federal agencies that help improve situational awareness and streamline communication during daily operations and in times of disruption. The easy-to-use fully unified OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management helps agencies achieve true resilience with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Risk Intelligence, Critical Communications

  • Kinney Group

    Kiosk 3 - Meet Atlas - The Creator Empowerment Platform for Splunk that can save you thousands of hours and millions of dollars by harnessing the power of automation to solve STIG compliance and your most pressing Splunk challenges.

  • Cohesity

    Kiosk 4 - Our experts will demonstrate how Cohesity's DataProtect can derive common sense and value from your data through our software-defined platform. Highlighting core capabilities such as global actionable search, dedupe and compression, we will showcase our ability to recover your data faster and more accurately keeping you operationally intact.

  • Leostream

    Kiosk 5 - The Leostream Remote Access Platform is the solution of choice for enterprise organizations that have demanding workloads with specialized remote graphic needs. The typical use case is remote access to high performance physical workstations rather than centralized desktops and apps.

  • Zebra

    Kiosk 6 - Zebra's innovative technologies help agencies capture data, track assets and monitor personnel, creating more accurate inventories, improving service delivery, lowering costs and boosting efficiencies.

  • Nuvolo

    Kiosk 7 - A modern facilities solution to support installation readiness. Nuvolo's solution enables the automation and flexibility to meet today's high operational tempo and installation mission. From command leadership to facility operations, Nuvolo supports installation and asset readiness with an intuitive interface, robust analytics, and field-ready mobility.

  • SecurityScorecard

    Kiosk 8

Below you will find our Tuesday demoing partners. Stop by the Carahsoft booth (#507) to see their solutions live and to win prizes!
  • VMware

    Kiosk 1 - Azure VMware Solution streamlines your move to the cloud in this brief demo showing how it speeds deployment, provides workload mobility, and offloads management burdens.

  • Liquidware

    Kiosk 2 - Liquidware Essentials is a comprehensive suite of desktop management tools that help organizations efficiently manage their virtual and physical desktop environments. With features like user environment management, application layering, and performance monitoring, Liquidware Essentials simplifies the process of managing complex desktop environments, leading to improved user experience and increased productivity.

  • NextThink

    Kiosk 3 - Nexthink provides IT departments with unparalleled visibility into issue detection, diagnosis, and remediation.

  • Systecon

    Kiosk 4 - Systecon is the market leader in predictive analytics, optimizing some of the most complex Life Cycle Management (LCM) projects in over 20 countries worldwide. DoD has embraced our Opus Suite of tools to solve complex problems where others were unable, including the US Army, USMC, US Navy, and the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

  • Draganfly

    Kiosk 5 - Our products and capabilities, our solutions & services, our AI technology through our Vital Intelligence product.

  • Puppet

    Kiosk 6 - Infrastructure Automation & Compliance including DISA STIGs. Get an overview of DISA STIGs and other compliance standards, plus learn how to enforce them with Puppet

  • Proven Optics

    Kiosk 7 - Demonstrating how DoD organizations can leverage ServiceNow for financial management.

  • Qualtrics

    Kiosk 8

Below you will find our Wednesday demoing partners. Stop by the Carahsoft booth (#507) to see their solutions live and to win prizes!
  • Panzura

    Kiosk 1 - Transform your unstructured data management by providing the mobility, access, security, and control - thru a single global file system native to the govcloud (AWS/Azure/Google/Private)- that will enable your next round of innovation.

  • Siren

    Kiosk 2

  • Nutanix

    Kiosk 3

  • Security Compass

    Kiosk 4

  • XIG Innovation Crossroads

    Kiosk 5 - Crossroads Innovation Group, LLC. (XIG) brings unique experience and a robust network to best position organizations, companies and collaborative partnerships with best-of-breed technology companies, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions and public sector entities.

  • Appian

    Kiosk 6

  • RedHat

    Kiosk 7

  • DevSecOps Vertical

    Kiosk 8 - DevSecOps solutions that support collaborative planning, rapid code builds, iterative testing, rapid release, optimized deployment and ongoing monitoring that continuously feeds into the next wave of planning.