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Next-Gen Digital Solutions: Empowering Law Enforcement in the Modern Era

Speaker: Rich Frawley - Director of Training
Duration: 1 hour

Join us for an exclusive webinar in the Carahsoft IACP 2023 Webinar Series as we explore cutting-edge digital solutions that are revolutionizing the law enforcement landscape. In this session, we will delve into how DEI PRO streamlines investigations, enhances evidence analysis, and equips agencies with the resources they need to adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of policing.

Webinar highlights: 

  • Discussing DEI PRO for digital evidence acquisition and analysis of mobile and computer devices with features such as:
    • Instant Mobile Preview
    • Screenshots and Screen Recording
    • Facial Recognition and Age Group Detection 
    • Built-in and custom search profiles
    • How to Share and Export Scan Results
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication within law enforcement agencies with the ADF Cloud Platform
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Harnessing AI to Unlock Critical Media Evidence: An Introduction to SNIPR for Law Enforcement

Speakers: Logan Selby, Phd - President & Co-Founder, DataShapes; Daniel Jackson - Deputy Comm., White Plains Police Department (Ret.), Director of Business Development,, a DataShapes Company

In an era where digital evidence is amassed at an unprecedented rate, law enforcement faces the daunting challenge of comprehensively reviewing every second for critical content and potential evidence. The proliferation of audio, video, and multimedia footage can lead to vital evidence being overlooked and significant delays in investigations, hampering the apprehension of suspects and the timely dispensation of justice. Technology poses challenges, but it can also offer solutions. SNIPR, an AI-driven media analysis solution, reviews video and audio content from all forms of media, including body-worn cameras, video interviews, inmate phone calls, doorbell cameras, social media, video depositions, in-vehicle cameras, and cell phone cameras. 
This webinar delves into how agencies are using SNIPR to transform how they review and assess audio and video content and to pinpoint critical content in near-real time. Attendees will gain insight into:
  • SNIPR Capabilities: Understand the kinds of content AI-driven SNIPR can analyze.
  • Benefits-at-a-Glance: Learn how SNIPR can drastically reduce the time spent sifting through audio and video files, enabling faster case resolutions and more-effective resource allocation. 
  • Demonstration: See SNIPR in action, with a demo that covers common use cases for law enforcement. 
Register now to explore how SNIPR’s AI-driven media intelligence can help your agency solve more cases, faster.
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Redefining Police Evaluations: From Ticket Counts to Trust Building 

Speakers: Mohammed - CEO/Co-Founder; Jesse - Customer Specialist/Law Enforcement Leader

The traditional metrics for evaluating law enforcement performance have revolved around the volume of tickets issued, sidelining the essential component of the quality of officer-community interactions. However, in an age of increasing calls for transparency and community engagement, such metrics fall short of encapsulating an officer's true efficacy and impact.

Guardian Score emerges at this intersection, driven by a conviction that mutual respect between police officers and communities is fostered through transparent, bottom-up feedback. Our technology platform designed specifically for this provides:

  • An avenue for community members to provide 100% anonymous feedback on their interactions with officers, facilitated through our patented, one-time use business cards ensuring a single survey response per interaction.
  • A verified survey tailored to gauge officers' adherence to procedural justice principles, with the added assurance that feedback is genuine and originates directly from community members they've interacted with.
  • Individual access to feedback, enabling officers to self-regulate and refine their approach before any supervisory intervention, fostering proactive improvement.
  • A comprehensive tool meeting regulatory needs, promoting transparency, and fostering trust, with the overarching goal of nurturing safer, more harmonious communities.

This webinar aims to highlight the transformative potential of Guardian Score in reshaping the metrics for officer evaluation, ensuring they are in line with 21st-century expectations and societal needs.

  • An easy-to-use tool that collects this feedback and turns it into clear insights.
  • Real-time reports and analytics that equip police leadership with actionable insights, shifting the focus in performance evaluation.
  • A solution that strengthens ties between the police department and the community, making places safer and more connected.
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Improving School Safety and Mental Health 

Speakers: Michael Sparks - Sr. Vice President; Chief (ret) Ian Moffet 

Duration: 2 hours

School violence and mental health issues have reached a crisis point in America.  Statistically, over 50 children will be the victims of gun violence at school, excluding mass shooting events.   In 2021, more than 1 in 5 students seriously considered suicide and of those, 1 in 10 made an attempt.  After action reports from school shootings show that in nearly every case, there are warning signs that if documented and acted upon, could prevent these tragedies. And in a crisis, faster response time is critical for limiting casualties.  Many states have provided funding and passed legislation like “Alyssa’s Law” for silent panic alert systems with direct integration to Law Enforcement.  But this legislation fails to address the predictive events and it is left for the schools and local law enforcement to choose and deploy solutions that ensure student safety.

Schools need more than a silent panic alarm.  They require a communication and safety platform that connects directly with onsite resources and law enforcement, and provides parents, students, and staff with the tools to stop tragedies BEFORE they happen.  SaferWatch’s “all-in-one” solution leverages common technology like cell phones, tablets, computers, and smart boards to improve school safety, enhance mental health, and meet legislative requirements.  In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • What Panic Buttons can and cannot do for school safety
  • The technology available in every school that can be used to improve school safety
  • Collaborative strategies to mitigate threats and reduce response time
  • How a School Safety Platform can impact mental health and well being
  • The barriers to information sharing and collaboration and how to address them
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Why Are 72% of Investigators Now Using Social Media Data?

Speakers: Rachel Kavanagh - Chief Marketing Officer, Siren; Paul DiBello - Senior Vice President Global Business Development, ShadowDragon; Nico Dekens - OSINT Analyst and SME, ShadowDragon; Phil Glod - Senior Sales Engineer, Siren

Siren recently conducted a Flash Poll with GBC and discovered that Social Media Data and OSINT is the currently the most commonly used data by analysts. Learn more about the findings of this poll. Hearing from Nico the OSINT Dutch guy who has solved cases using Social Media data. He’s an international lecturer at Fortune 500 companies and governments. Nico has over 20 years’ experience as an (all source) Intelligence Analyst at Dutch Law Enforcement and who is very active within the OSINT community. He is a Co-founder of the OSINTcurious project. The session will conclude with seeing first-hand how technology can be used to supercharge a social media investigation and make complex data links, at speed. 

What the webinar will cover/what attendees will learn

  • Hear about the key learnings from the Siren Flash Intelligence poll
  • Nico the “OSINT Dutch Guy” (International Intelligence Expert) tells from experience how he solves data using Social Media data 
  • Learn how using Siren and ShadowDragon together instantly links social data to other vendor data and your own proprietary data making connections
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Enhancing Situational Awareness with AWS Wickr & ATAK

Speakers: Troy Barker - Security Specalist; Rosie Lane - Security Specalist
Duration: 1 hour

The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK)—also known as Android Tactical Assault Kit for military use—is a smartphone geospatial infrastructure and situational awareness application that enables safe collaboration over geography. While it was initially designed for use in combat zones, ATAK has been adapted to fit the missions of local, state, and federal agencies.
In this webinar, we will discuss advanced situational awareness capabilities for first responders, federal civilian agencies, the DoD, and more.
Join this Wickr webinar to learn: 
  • The benefits of pairing end-to-end encrypted communications into a larger common operating picture.
  • How mapping, messaging, and geofencing can provide real-time awareness when combined with AWS Wickr Broadcast Bot.
  • How to maintain effective team coordination in contested environments
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Emerging Technology Impacting Law Enforcement Operations 

Speakers: Kerry Wicks
Duration: 1 hour

Advancements in technologies have enabled police agencies to find innovative ways to leverage new technologies to increase effectiveness and improve officer safety. With the right paring of mobility and data communication technologies, law enforcement officers can have better situational awareness, more automated workflows, and safer interactions with the public. Learn how 5G enabled devices, with operating systems like Windows Pro® are advancing Law Enforcement operations.
Session Discussion Topics:
  • Why are data communications an increasing part of Law Enforcement operations?
  • How will 5G cellular networks impact technology use in Law Enforcement?
  • Common challenges and issues that mobility solutions, enabled by 5G, addresses in Law Enforcement.
  • Top industry learnings and best practices in Law Enforcement Operations.