GCN Emergency Preparedness Workshop
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
8:00am - 1:00pm
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 CPE Eligible
The next crisis is coming, but it's nearly impossible to predict where, when, and how it will strike. What is certain is that disruption will follow, and state and local governments need to be prepared. Ensuring operational continuity during an emergency – whether a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a crippling cyber attack, or a global pandemic – requires a strong IT infrastructure and a supply chain that is flexible and resilient. The widespread adoption of cloud computing has enhanced state and local governments’ ability to withstand crises, while predictive analytics and artificial intelligence have proven powerful tools in identifying and responding to disasters when they emerge.
Looking ahead, 5G offers promising capabilities in enabling even better preparedness via IoT monitoring, on the ground edge computing, and ultra reliable communications for first responders. For state and local governments, properly managed data is a key driver for all emergency preparedness efforts
In this workshop, government and industry experts will discuss real world applications of technology for superior emergency preparedness.
Attendees will come away from this event with a better understanding of:
  • How other state and local governments have utilized technology to better prepare for emergencies
  • Risk assessment strategies across a multitude of potential disasters
  • The future applications of 5G in emergency response
  • Best practices in resilient IT infrastructure
  • The growing role of artificial intelligence in predicting and responding to crises
  • How to future proof your supply chain
8:00am Registration & Networking
9:00am Welcome & Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote
George Vit, LEIT Board Member, IACP
Technology Insights
Ron Vitiello, Head of DHS Programs and Strategy, AXON*
Government Session
Dawn Layman, Chief of Police, Lenexa Police Department
10:25am Technology Insights
10:45am Government Session
11:10am Break
11:25am Technology Insights
11:45am Government Session
12:10am Technology Insights
12:30am Government Speaker
Closing Remarks
George Vit, LEIT Board Member, IACP
12:55pm Networking
*Pending agency or organization approval.