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Acalvio Cyber Deception
Combating Insider Threats & APTs
with Cyber Deception
Advanced Cyber Deception Removes the Adversary's Advantage

Featured Speakers: 
Bill Kalogeros, Director, Public Sector, Acalvio
Jim Mason, Senior Solutions Engineer, Acalvio
Thursday, October 15, 2020
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
60 minutes
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1 (ISC)2 CPE credit! 
As we know, it is virtually impossible to keep persistent attackers out of the Department of Defense's (DoD) networks. They will get in. Once within critical networks, these attackers will attempt to move laterally to identify DoD resources for theft and possible destruction. Advanced Cyber Deception gets us into the realm of Proactive Defensive Cyber Operations, by fully integrating ShadowPlex into your existing systems and providing real-time threat identification at the time of breach when the first system is compromised. Acalvio lets you create your own deception minefield to detect, engage, and respond to attackers. Using a combination of techniques, you craft an environment that no legitimate user should ever discover. If an attacker makes a single mistake during reconnaissance, discovery, or lateral movement, they can touch your deceptions and bingo, you have an indication of a compromise!

Join us as we display how Advanced Cyber Deception technology puts the DoD on the offense to lure, identify, and then shut down these attackers – keeping the attackers away from critical assets. Acalvio’s Advanced Cyber Deception technology meets many difficult program requirements for the delivery of extremely high accuracy alerts, as well as reducing the high volumes of useless alert traffic. Deception technology can provide the most classified and secure programs with the advantages you need to maintain program security and stay ahead of your attackers.

Find out more about Acalvio and how deception technology can help the DoD get the edge over malicious nation-state attackers by:

  • Increasing your threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities
  • Reducing your organization’s exposure to risk and attack, by leveraging Advanced Cyber Deception
  • Addressing security challenges such as monitoring, investigation, automation and orchestration, advanced threats, insider threat detection, incident response, compliance, and more

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