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  • Get to Know Your API Manager: A Walk Through Existing and New Features
    Elishia Dvorak ColdFusion Solution Consultant & Evangelist, Adobe

    This session will cover everything you need to know about Adobe’s new API Manager, from basic features and functionality to the latest updates and changes, including some of the newer features like multi-tenancy, SSO support, and policies for data transformation and threat protection mechanisms. You’ll leave with a better understanding of Adobe’s API Manager, and how to get started in implementing API Management in your organization.

  • Securing Mature CFML Codebases
    Pete Freitag Software Engineer & Web Consultant, Foundeo Inc.

    The task of securing your large code bases from vulnerabilities can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. Many developers don't know where to start, and never do. This session will arm you with an approach on how to slay security vulnerabilities in your CFML code. You will also learn about several vulnerabilities, and things to look out for as you develop new code.

  • Building Better SQL Server Databases
    Eric Cobb Database Development Manager, Centauri Health Solutions, Inc

    Most programmers just use a database as a simple container for storing information, without really understanding the impact that a good, or bad, database design can have on the performance of their applications. This session will change that, and show how you can design your SQL server databases in a way that will make them scalable and more efficient. By taking a detailed look at database design, indexes, and common T-SQL mistakes, we will see how these things can have an impact on resources and performance. We will discuss tips for serving up data faster, as well as things that can slow your queries down. In this session Eric will provide direct explanations that can be incorporated immediately into your daily development, without all of the overly technical DBA mumbo-jumbo. Regardless of your skill level or programming language of choice, if you use SQL Server this session is for you.

  • What's New in ColdFusion 10, 11, and 2016 That You May Have Missed?
    Charlie Arehart ColdFusion Troubleshooting Consultant, CArehart.org

    Are you moving up to ColdFusion 2016, or maybe 11? In doing so, are you skipping over 11, or perhaps even 10, in that move? Organizations often drag their feet upgrading from one version of ColdFusion to another, and might also skip multiple releases in the process so it's easy to miss what was new in the previous releases. Can you name the top 5 or 10 features/changes in these three most recent releasesof Adobe ColdFusion? In this presentation, veteran, ColdFusion user Charlie Arehart will help fill these gaps for you, highlighting the top features of 10, 11, and 2016, along with some hidden gems, as well as compatibility issues and more. Including links to resources for learning more, you'll be in a better position to take full advantage of your new ColdFusion installation.

  • Introducing the Brand-New Performance Monitoring Toolkit in ColdFusion 2018
    Rakshith Naresh Product Manager for ColdFusion, Adobe

    When a significant majority of you have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to improving the performance or scale of your applications, you know Adobe takes it very seriously. Have you ever been in a situation where your applications are not living up to your expectations for response time or load? Have you felt clueless about where to start fixing your performance or scalability issues? Have you wondered how to fine tune your infrastructure so that you can make the best use of existing investments without spending more money? ColdFusion 2018 has the answer. The new Performance Monitoring Toolkit is a set of tools like none other that gives you end-to-end visibility right from your first point of entry for the request till the last line of code in your application. This session gives you the first peek into this all new toolkit that has everything it takes to help you accomplish your related KPIs.

  • Power of Simplicity in FW/1 Framework
    Masha Edelen Web Developer, HD Web Studio

    Framework One (FW/1) has been the choice of many developers for the past several years. Whether you are still on the crossroads of framework dilemma, or have been working with FW/1 before, this presentation will demonstrate some of the new and advanced features of this framework: subsystems, REST support, skinning, multi-site setup as well as DI/1, AOP/1 and others. Targeting intermediate level of developers, this presentation will show ideas for the use of the framework as well as demonstrate commonly used functions.

  • Scaling Your ColdFusion Applications
    Michael Collins Principle Consultant, SupportObjective

    In this session we will answer common questions around deploying applications across multiple JVM instances, servers, or containers. How many instances, servers or containers do you really need? What happens when an instance goes down? What is the best way to manage sessions? We will look at key performance metrics and session management strategies to increase your uptime and improve your end-users overall experience. Session topics will include: using local and remote web servers, load balancing (hardware and software based), Tomcat connector features, understanding ColdFusion clustering, using docker containers and orchestration, using session management strategies, API based applications, load testing applications, and security and monitoring. We will have several demonstrations along the way.

  • PDF Functionalities in ColdFusion
    Kevin Schmidt Co-Founder & Managing Partner, ikaria consulting, llc

    Learn more about the PDF functionalities in ColdFusion, and see how to generate pixel perfect PDFs in your application. If you manipulate generated PDFs, learn more about the capabilites for Sanitize, Archive, Redact and much more. This session also covers the Digital Signing Capabilities of ColdFusion along with the manipulation of the Form PDF functionalities.

  • Angular JS & ColdFusion
    Trip Ward Senior Technical Specialist, ICF International

    AngularJS is an extremely popular JavaScript framework for building client-side applications. Angular contains lots of great features and can be used to build both web and mobile applications. Then comes the server part. How do we send data from the Angular app to a server in the cloud? That’s where our ColdFusion code comes into play. In this session we’ll discuss how to get started with AngularJS, and how to start building a simple JSON API using ColdFusion. Then we’ll connect the 2 pieces together building a fully working application with AngularJS + ColdFusion.

  • Upgrading Legacy ColdFusion Applications
    Dave Watts CTO & Owner, Fig Leaf Software

    Join Dave Watts as he covers every part of the ColdFusion environment, and upgrading your application to be more modern, compliant, and secure. Learn from a developer who has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5, and who has worked with ColdFusion applications both large and small. Specifically this session will cover include - migrating from on premise to cloud deployment, migrating from Windows to Linux, upgrading ColdFusion, upgrading Java, and why you might want to do that if you haven't already, migrating from a legacy application model to a services model, and service-based deployment.