Get F5 Certified! During the F5 Symposium. The full range of F5 Certified! exams – from Application Delivery Fundamentals to Certified Solution Expert in Security – will be available free for event attendees. Space is limited; be sure to register in advance to guarantee your spot.
To schedule an exam at the event, you must be registered in the F5 Certified! program at certification.f5.com. If you already have an F5 ID (ex: F5000012345), you can skip to step 2.
Exams at the F5 Symposium are delivered through our Zoomorphix ExamStudio system. To schedule an exam, you need to create an ExamStudio account. You CANNOT schedule an exam before creating an ExamStudio account.
  1. After registering in the F5 Candidate Portal, you will receive an email from ExamStudio Support; follow the link in that email to setup your account and log in to ExamStudio
  2. Locate the exam you want to take
  3. Click on the “Schedule” link in the far right column
  4. Select “F5 Symposium: Washington DC” from the Location drop down menu
  5. Select your date, and use the slider to select your exam time
Note: Exam registration in ExamStudio is only available for exams being taken at the F5 Symposium event.
Important: You must be enrolled in the F5 Certified! program before becoming eligible to sit F5 Certified! Exams.
Questions? Contact the F5 Certified! team at  support@cert.f5.com