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Michelle DavisDirector, DoD Solution Architects, North America Public Sector

Red Hat

Michelle Davis, Executive Director, Solutions Architects, DoD, Red Hat. Michelle has spent the last 20+ years designing and developing enterprise distributed architectures for businesses in the US, Government and abroad. In her present position, she not only architects cloud-native or hybrid cloud architectures, but she also provides guidance on the digital transformation journey in this ever changing landscape - edge, AI/ML, IoT, etc Michelle has been evangelizing and consulting around the beltway about cloud, (micro) service oriented architectures and obliging technologies which include, but are not limited to, web, web services, Kubernetes, Docker .NET, JMS, JEE and EAI. Her Red Hat performance includes being Public Sector Architect of the Year 2 years in a row and her nomination into the elite Chairman's community. Prior to joining Red Hat, Michelle dedicated her time to Progress Software, IONA, AT&T, IBM, Unify, and others. She holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in Computer Science from John Hopkins University and Drexel University. She is also a multiple year past judge for "Edge Woman of the Year" for Edge Computing World.