Thursday, May 30

Unleashing Hybrid Cloud Potential: Transformative Platforms for Next-Gen Capabilities

Speakers: Julien Rossboon, Application Platform Specialist, Public Sector

Time: 11:00AM ET, 8:00AM PT

Discover how integrating advanced platform solutions can optimize your Hybrid Cloud strategy, ensuring seamless adoption of next-generation technologies across all environments. Join us to revolutionize your approach and drive your organization's cloud implementation efficiency.

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The Anatomy and Drivers of Peak Performance: The Mindsets to Inspire Innovation and Create an Operational Advantage

Speakers: Corina Rice, PhD Senior Behavioral Scientist

Time: 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

The research presented within this webinar is derived from multiple sources, including global consulting firms as well as leading researchers in the field of positive psychology, behavior change and organizational science, who partner with BU Labs to extend the body of knowledge around transforming behaviors at scale to facilitate culture change.

Specifically, this session will:

  • Cite the research supporting the important role well-being plays for resilience
  • Demonstrate the link between resilience and innovation
  • Review critical mindsets and behaviors that help people navigate ambiguity
  • Teach the tendency for innovators bias and how to mitigate it
  • Describe 4 type of innovative thinking that could be applied to a problem
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Thursday, June 6

Building Solid Ground: Implementing Best Practices in GIS Analysis

Speakers: Samantha Bamberger - Project Manager, Jessica Lewis McFate - Senior Director, Intelligence Solutions

Time: 3:00PM ET, 12:00PM PT

Learn how to ensure your geolocation data is up-to-snuff and empowers, not hinders, your analysis! Geolocation analysis offers a powerful tool for understanding spatial trends and patterns. However, the accuracy and reliability of derived insights fundamentally depend on the data quality. Rarely does the required data come off the shelf and ready for analysis without additional cleansing, enriching, and standardizing.


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Wednesday, June 5

Fortifying the Frontlines: Mastering Cyber Workforce Management and Security Compliance with DefenseReady

Speakers: Joe 'TJ' Carrender - Senior Solutions Engineer

Time: 1:00PM ET, 10:00AM PT

As cyber threats continue to evolve, so does the need for a sophisticated approach to managing the cybersecurity workforce and ensuring compliance within DoD and federal agencies. This webinar explores how DefenseReady by Permuta provides integrated solutions that not only streamline workforce management but also enforce rigorous security protocols, ensuring that your agency remains both effective and compliant in a landscape of increasing cyber threats.

This session will dive into the functionalities and benefits of leveraging DefenseReady to enhance your agency's cybersecurity readiness:

  • Optimizing Cyber Workforce Recruitment and Training: Learn how to identify skill gaps, streamline recruitment, and automate training management for cybersecurity roles. 
  • Enhancing Security Compliance: Discover methods to automate the tracking of security clearances and certifications, ensuring that all team members meet evolving compliance standards.
  • Integrating Cybersecurity with HR Management: Explore how integrating cybersecurity practices into traditional HR management can boost both security and workforce efficiency.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: Understand the power of real-time dashboards for continuous monitoring and immediate adjustment of cybersecurity measures.
  • Practical Application and Case Study: Gain insights from a real-world case study demonstrating how a federal agency successfully implemented DefenseReady to manage its cyber workforce and compliance.
Join us to see how DefenseReady can empower your agency to manage cybersecurity challenges effectively, ensuring readiness and compliance amidst the complex security demands of today’s digital environment.
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On-Demand Recording

Scalable, Simple, and Secure Data Resilience

Speakers: Ron Nixon - Federal CISO, Brian Coffey - Senior Regional Director, SLED, Kevin Davis - Former Vice President, Federal

Time: On-Demand Recording

Public sector data and the sensitivity to protect the information they store make these organizations targets for increased ransomware attacks and other cyber threats while managing complex requirements with reduced budgets and resources.

Cohesity relieves government and education IT staff by simplifying the management of data and apps. Unlock how to securely get a single and scalable web-scale platform for backup and recovery, files, objects, dev/test, and analytics.

During this live Cohesity webinar, learn about:

  • Web-scale architecture that simplifies data recovery and resilience
  • Application of zero trust principles and machine learning to improve data security
  • Best practices for rapid disaster and cyber recovery
  • Exploring your data security and management journey with Cohesity and Carahsoft
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