VMware NSX Weekly Demo

Operationalize Zero-Trust with Micro-Segmentation

It is no secret that there has been a proliferation of cyber threats over the past few years as attackers are taking advantage of organizations that have shifted to remote work.

VMware NSX is the best framework for connecting and protecting different types of workloads running across various environments. VMware provides the tools needed to operationalize Zero Trust and network segmentation within your datacenter, protecting your agency from outsider and insider threats.

The key benefits of VMware NSX include: 

  • Automated Policy Discovery: This service-defined firewall collects and analyzes information about applications and their communication flows to create a comprehensive map
  • Extend Beyond L4 Controls to Stateful L7 Security: Extend your data center network securely into the public cloud
  • Agentless Architecture: Built into the hypervisor, this service-defined firewall eliminates the need to install and configure separate software on each virtual machine

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