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Continuous Performance Optimization Reduces Downtime

On average, downtime costs Fortune 1000 companies $1.24 billion to $2.4 billion each year, due to unplanned outages. [Read the full IDC report here]

Software-defined data centers are growing more complex by the day due to the rising trend of digitization, hosting applications with increasing capabilities, and moving in and out of the cloud. There arises a need for a solution to this complexity. At its core, vRealize Operations turn otherwise mundane data in an environment into high visual, useful information. It offers insight into many different aspects including intelligent alerting, workload optimization, and virtual machine rightsizing. Additional tools include intelligent alerting, workload optimization, and virtual machine rightsizing. Additional tools include, simulation capabilities to plan for future, dashboards, and other graphing related metrics which offer deep meaningful insight into every layer of an environment, and a powerful cost analytics engine.

Key benefits include:
  • Optimize allocation of resources to workloads through vRealize Operation's rightsizing feature in order to cut back on waste and reclaim resources
  • Detailed alerts about existing issues inside the virtual environment, as well as forecasting for potential anomalies in the future
  • The ability to plan for capacity, where you can predict future capacity consumption, simulate adding workloads or new capacity, and even model the costs of moving to the cloud
Use cases include:
  • Continuous optimization
  • Cost management and planning
  • Compliance
  • Intelligent remediation
  • 360-degree troubleshooting
Register below for our 30-minute feature walkthrough of vRealize Operations and discover how or your customers can take full advantage of intelligent operations, extended monitoring capabilities, and the Cloud Management Assessment (CMA) in your environment today!

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