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Featured Event
Accelerate 2019
This year, Axon Accelerate 2019 will be on April 29th - May 1st in Phoenix, Arizona. Public safety professionals join from around the world for this two-day thought-leadership symposium that offers hands-on training, lectures, and interactive workshops. In 2019, attendees have more than 100 sessions with more than 50 speakers to look forward to. U.S. Army General, Stan McChrystal will be the keynote speaker, providing attendees with invaluable insight into leadership strategies and the relentless drive to protect our communities.

Next-Gen Field Reporting
Police patrols, school resource officers, and other field-deployed personnel who need to share intelligence and incident reports with their commanders now can use a new mobile app, Field Reports, in the Haystax analytics platform. The Field Reports app is the next generation of the Haystax Mobile Indicator, which users in the first-responder community have long relied on to submit incident alerts, status reports, and other observations from the field during events and routine patrol operations.
Oxnard Police Department Implement Axon Citizen for Officers
Oxnard Police Department promoted Axon Citizen for Communities as part of their Eyes on Crime program, a partnership with local communities and neighborhood watch groups. Setting up community's portals allows the department to easily receive videos and pictures from smart phones, along with video surveillance footage from homes equipped with Ring or Nest systems.
The Social Government Guide to Crisis Response
In the event of a crisis, social media is where people turn first. Government agencies need to ensure they can quickly and effectively tackle any crisis that comes their way, all while being the voice of authority. Hootsuite and the Los Angeles Police Department review actionable strategies to plan for, monitor, and respond seamlessly in a crisis. Access this archived webinar recording >>
Map a City's Crimes by Type
Police departments are often called upon to put more "feet on the street" to prevent crime and keep order. But with limited resources, it's impossible to be everywhere at once. This visualization shows where crimes take place by type and which day of the week. This kind of information gives local police more guidance on where they should deploy their crime prevention efforts. Check out the D.C. Crimespotting Dashboard >>
21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act
Today, many government services are slow, complex, and paper-based, leaving citizens wishful for an experience that mimics the private sector – fast, efficient, digital, and mobile friendly. On Thursday, December 20th, the President signed the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) into law – a bill with the goal of accelerating the federal government’s digital service delivery. Learn more about this law, how it aligns with Adobe, and what it means for your government customers. Read Adobe's blog post >>
How AI Can Transform National Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence represents a game changer for intelligence officers, investigators, law enforcement agents and other officials entrusted with the safety of the public. Intelligence officers are often called upon to make time-sensitive decisions that directly affect human lives. Decisions which require an in-depth understanding of specific topics across time. Complex AI algorithms are able to understand any topic fully in a matter of minutes, and project that understanding in a digestible way to the officer on the job. Learn more with Voyager Labs >>
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About Carahsoft's Law Enforcement Solutions
Carahsoft’s strong relationships with leading law enforcement partners and our deep understanding of the law enforcement landscape provides customers with the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies.

Our Law Enforcement Solutions Portfolio is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation, and analysis of law enforcement information and create an end-to-end law enforcement workflow. Our technologies help agencies fuse relevant, location-based data with modern mapping platforms to more effectively process information, thus enabling better decision making.
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