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Breakout Track Descriptions and Requirements

Track 1 - Boot Camp 101 - (2 Day Session)
This track is designed for customers who are relatively new to the F5 product portfolio and are looking to take the first step on the path to F5 Certified Big-IP Administrator. This training will encompass networking basics, discuss where application calls are made in the TCP/IP stack and help the end user prepare for the F5 Certified Professional 101 exam on Application Delivery Fundamentals.
Attendees are highly encouraged to create an account on F5 University (It’s Free!) and take the “Getting Started” series on F5 University and download and read the 101 study guide.

Track 2 - Boot Camp 201 - (2 Day Session)
The 200 level education track is for F5 administrators who have had some hands on experience with the Big IP Platform and who wish to finish getting their Certified Big IP Administrator certification by taking the 201 exam. This track will focus on TMOS (Traffic Management Operating System) Administration and LTM (Local Traffic Manager) Fundamentals. As a prerequisite, attendees should have either successfully passed the 101 exam, and/or have a minimum of 6 months of hands on experience with the Big IP Platform.

Track 3 - Security - (2 Day Session)
This track will provide a 2 day hands-on lab for customers seeking to understand the basics of setting up a Web Application Firewall to protect their mission critical applications. Day one will start off with an overview of the top 10 OWASP attacks by setting up a vulnerable application in the cloud and using real world techniques to hack that site. We will then set up WAF rules to block those attacks one by one. Day 2 will focus on advanced WAF techniques, blocking bot nets and using DataSafe to protect sensitive fields from attack.

Track 4 - Authentication - (2 Day Session)
This track will focus on the Zero Trust Model, implementing Authentication techniques for both on Premise and in the Cloud to ensure that the users who are accessing your applications are who they say they are. This course will focus on multiple areas - On Premise, Cloud, Office 365, and using WAF solutions for public-facing applications to protect them from unauthorized access.

Track 5 - End User Use Case (1 Day Session)
This track will be primarily geared for F5 partners, and any government employees that are interested, in taking a deeper dive into some of the common use cases that our customers are demanding of technology professionals.  We will cover multiple use cases through the day, with each session lasting 30-45 minutes with time to network with your F5 Account team at the end to discuss how this applies to Federal agencies . This will be a 1 day session.

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