Spectra Logic Webinar
Cyberattack Prevention – Protect your Data with
Spectra Logic and TVAR Solutions
Featured Speaker:  
Bob Cone, 
Sales Training & Product Enablement Director, Spectra Logic
Thursday, November 8, 2018
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT
60 minutes
An alarming trend in cybercrime is the actual destruction or “lockdown” of data vs. stealing a copy of data while leaving the original intact. Ransomware is one of the many culprits we see on a regular basis.

The question becomes: How do we assure the survival of data, which is deemed essential to the operation of our organizations, governments, and even society itself? Register now for a webinar on cyberattack prevention.

Join us for an informative webinar with Spectra Logic, TVAR Solutions, and Carahsoft to learn about:
  • The best-in-breed solutions for data protection
  • How to implement a sound strategy utilizing genetic diversity in storage to protect your data from hacktivists
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