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Opening the Skies to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Operations
BVLOS flight unlocks the next generation of surveying applications and operations, helping organizations collect data from places they never could before, in a way that is safer and more cost-efficient than traditional methods. However, in order to fly BVLOS in U.S. airspace, you must obtain a special, hard-to-get waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Working in conjunction with the
FAA, PrecisionHawk has conducted BVLOS safety research, allowing them to develop a strong safety case and standards for BVLOS operations. Learn from their experience >>

3 Predictions for How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing the GEOINT Community
Virtual Reality (VR) not only brings images to life, but allows the visualization of data while making it smart – advancing knowledge at an unprecedented rate. Google Cloud with VR, enables teams to explore structures, landmasses, and situations in a completely immersive experience – transforming how research is conducted, teams are trained, missions are executed, and how information and experiences are shared – leading to new, innovative perspectives.

Podcast: SketchUp, Drones, and Extensions
Daniel Tal, a 20-year veteran in the landscape architecture industry, shares his best practices on SketchUp for landscape architecture in this podcast. Learn how to build extensions for SketchUp, how he is leveraging drones to gather data for his SketchUp models, and about a number of helpful extensions he has developed. Listen to the podcast >>

City of Winston-Salem Zoning Cuts Costs on Sign Inventory & Compliance
Spike and ArcGIS Online® saved Winston-Salem more than $200,000. The zoning team collaborated with the city to cut costs significantly on their signage inventory project by replacing costly land surveyors with Spike, a smart laser measurement solution. They used Spike’s photo measurement capability to measure and locate signs with an iPad, then incorporated that data into ArcGIS Online. Read the case study >>

USGIF 2018 Government Achievement Award Winner: Glen Canyon Dam Modeling Team, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and Autodesk Inc.
USGIF awarded USBR's Dave Winslow and formerly Autodesk's Pete Kelsey with the award at the 2018 GEOINT Symposium. The teams created comprehensive 3D models of the Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant, which are used for facility management, design, construction, operation and maintenance, security, GIS, and visualization. Read more about the award winners >>
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Google has recently announced important changes to the Google Maps business. Access our on-demand webinar to find out how these changes will impact your existing Google Maps deployments, and learn ways to control spending and limit API usage on your projects.
Check out this on-demand webinar to hear how the U.S. Air Force Academy created a digital model of the Cadet Chapel using Autodesk technology, and how it helped the academy save time and money on building repairs that ensure the preservation of this cultural institution for future generations.
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