Plurilock, Government, Cybersecurity
Achieving Identity Assurance in Federal Networks Through Continuous Multi-Factor Authentication
Featured Speaker:  Ian Paterson, CEO, Plurilock
Thursday, July 12, 2018
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
60 minutes
Plurilock’s patented software, the BioTracker, is a multi-layered behavior biometrics security solution that verifies a user’s identity by analyzing the unique patterns in how they type, move the mouse, and click. Later this summer, the BioTracker will have the ability to analyze how users swipe and even hold their devices to help prevent security breaches in real-time – reducing the time to detect and respond to intrusions from more than 200 days post breach to just 3-5 seconds from the time it begins. 

BioTracker offers continuous authentication for proof of presence and identity assurance at the end-point, no matter what that end-point is, all while helping to improve the user experience.

During this complimentary webinar, we will discuss:
  • How the theft and exploitation of user identity is the #1 critical success factor for attackers in 100% of all advanced attacks
  • Preventing breach attempts in real-time using behavioral biometrics and AI
  • How identity impersonation is the primary attack point for cyber criminals, cyber intelligence, and cyber terrorists 
  • The costs of remediation to re-establish trust and how to prevent it all from happening in the first place
  • How BioTracker protects against all types of user impersonation and compromise
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