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Reduce Crime and Mitigate Risks Through Secure Communications
Today's law enforcement communication technology spans a variety of devices, platforms, and techniques ranging from PCs, laptops, tablets, and a combination of personal and department-issued mobile devices. 
Voice, text, video, and file sharing transmitted internally and externally over these devices are subject to interception, data breach, or exposure long after the useful life of the message. This increases risk for your department and your community. Tip lines using mobile
 carrier SMS simply don't give citizens the true anonymity they need to confidently report crime activity anonymously without exposing their own identities. Join us for a complimentary webinar on July 11, 2018, to learn how to create a truly anonymous tip line for local communities. 


Durham Regional Police Services Modernizes Communications with BlackBerry AtHoc
Blackberry AtHoc provides the ultimate Incident Command System response with seamless integration to provide geo-tagged, real-time, and actionable information across your departmental devices. See how Raleigh-Durham Regional police has implemented Blackberry AtHoc not only in crisis management, but to also convey daily business continuity notifications as well. 

Using Artificial Intelligence to Decipher Unstructured Data
Investigators can spend countless hours uncovering criminal networks and drawing relationships between suspects, often with limited access. Using Artificial Intelligence Technology, such as VoyagerAnalytics™ which was recognized by Fortune as one of 50 companies Leading the AI revolution, not only quickly uses publicly available unstructured data to reveal suspects and their relationships for warrants and subpoenas, but also easily illustrates the relationships when it comes time for prosecution. 

Identities in the Wild: The Tsunami of Breached Identities Continues
Hacked and dumped personal information is routinely used by cyber criminals to launch credential stuffing attacks, take over accounts, send impersonated emails, or initiate other attacks. In just one year, 4iQ found 8.7 billion raw identity records in lost and leaked breach dumps found in the deep, dark web. Once curated, breached data is ingested in the 4iQ Data Lake and used within the 4iQ OSINT+ platform to support investigations, monitor risks, and uncover bad actors. 

Law Enforcement Professionals Need to Evaluate Digital Forensics Practices Amid Looming Constitutional Showdown Regarding Digital Searches
There is a fascinating constitutional showdown brewing in the U.S. that will have significant implications for how our law enforcement agencies are able to conduct digital investigations. 

On-Demand Webinars

Manage Your Agency's Critical Evidence with Axon/TASER
From law enforcement body-worn cameras and weapons to citizens' mobile devices, Axon is changing the way the government aggregates content by utilizing a central repository that integrates hardware on the street via a cloud-based platform. Learn how Axon's full suite of interconnected devices can help your agency meet critical evidence management initiatives, and continue to protect and serve citizens. 

Enhancing Citizen Experience Via Social Media
The community is increasingly relying on social media to get information as well as relay information regarding local matters. New York Police Department's Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy discusses how NYPD is using social media to communicate with the public, monitor sentiment, and manage critical response communications - ultimately improving the citizen experience. Explore how your agency can leverage social media to involve law enforcement, educators, and citizens with enhanced social engagement. 

About Carahsoft's Law Enforcement Technology Solutions

Carahsoft’s strong relationships with leading law enforcement partners and our deep understanding of the law enforcement landscape provides customers with the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies.

Our Law Enforcement Solutions Portfolio is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation, and analysis of law enforcement information and create an end-to-end law enforcement workflow. Our technologies help agencies fuse relevant, location-based data with modern mapping platforms to more effectively process information, thus enabling better decision making.

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