Infoblox and PCN DNS Security Data Exfilitration Workshop
Infoblox Raspberry Pi Workshop: 
Securing DNS to Strengthen Your
Security Posture & Mitigate Cyber Risk
Featured Speaker: 
Arthur "Damon" Mills, Senior Pre-Sales Systems Engineer, Infoblox
Tony Velada, Senior Channel Solutions Architect, Infoblox
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
1:00pm - 4:00pm
3 hours
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 Earn 3 CPE Credits!
Join us on Tuesday, October 11th for a three-hour security enablement workshop.

Securing DNS can help reduce 92% of malware attacks from a command and control perspective, NSA Security Director Anne Neuberger stated in June 2020. Next-gen firewalls and endpoint tools, when used in orchestration with enterprise-grade DNS Security solutions, offer substantially better protection than firewalls and endpoint tools alone. DNS can be a powerful security control to defend against multiple threat vectors. This high-impact workshop will walk system engineers through the conceptual abstracts of DNS security and deliver hands-on experiential learning.

Workshop Focus:

  • DNS as a security control / DNS security
  • Methodology of a DNS based cyber-attack
  • Training on the fundamentals of DNS security
  • Hands-on generation of a DNS based data exfiltration event
  • Detection and analysis of such an event

This is an engineer-focused eventTo facilitate the workshop, the course will utilize a Raspberry Pi configured as a DNS Sinkhole to demonstrate the initial concepts of Indicators of Compromise (IoC), DNS blacklists, and threat intelligence. 

Attendees will be required to configure and install this device to support several labs, where they will perform white hat hacking (ethical hacking) to further understand the scope of DNS attacks. The presentation will include relevant material on how Infoblox can prevent and block a vast array of these types of attacks, including many methods outside the scope of this workshop.

Attending this security workshop will:

  • Bring attendees a unique and compelling event that provides an enhanced understanding of DNS security through both-lecture based education and hands-on technical training
  • Provide attendees with the foundational knowledge needed to address DNS threats and understand how easily hackers can commit these attacks
  • Demonstrate Infoblox’s security offerings as the industry-leading solution to stop these attacks

All attendees will be shipped Training Courseware before the event which includes:
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Infoblox DNS Security: Data Exfiltration Workshop Student Guide
  • DNS for Dummies Booklet
  • Infoblox Notebook

Attendees are also eligible for up to 3 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for participation in this workshop.

By registering for this event you are accepting the complimentary training package. Should you choose to keep the training package, you are responsible for attending and participating in the training event. If you are unable to attend the event on October 11th please contact me to reschedule the training.

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We are pleased to offer continuing professional education (CPE) credits to those that attend the event. For more information on the CPE credits we are offering, our CPE sponsor (NASBA), and submission process, please click here.  
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