Session Descriptions

Hidden Gems in Adobe ColdFusion - Charlie Arehart
Prepare to be surprised! In this talk, veteran Adobe ColdFusion troubleshooter and presenter Charlie Arehart will continue his tradition of identifying hidden gems, this time in Adobe ColdFusion 2016 (formerly known as CF12, or code-name, Raijin). Sure, we hear all about the big, new features in each release, or some that wow certain developers (or disappoint others), but in every release of ColdFusion there are always lots of little things that go unheralded and may be just what you've been waiting for, and this is just as true in Adobe ColdFusion 2016. Some may solve a long-standing problem for you, or provide a new technique, whether related to coding, troubleshooting, administration, configuration, enterprise integration, and more.
API Economy: Realizing The Business Value of APIs Through Adobe API Management
- Elishia Dvorak
The Internet of things and business solutions as services are driving major growth in the use of web Application Program Interfaces (APIs) as currency in digital strategies. Delivering quality APIs efficiently and securely will require a well thought out solution to plan and manage all aspects of a business API ecosystem. Companies that embrace new technologies to be more productive with rolling out new business models through API services will be more successful in their strategy implementations. Come to this session to learn about how Adobe API Manager delivers business value through increased productivity, scalability, and streamlined processes.
Adobe ColdFusion Performance Testing and Tuning: Strategies and Pitfalls - Matt Hintze
Matt Hintze from Convective will present an overview of identifying bottlenecks along with tuning Adobe ColdFusion applications and servers. This session will give developers and architects focused insight into the pillars of performance tuning Adobe ColdFusion applications and maximizing scalability.
Adobe ColdFusion Features for Modern Coding - Dan Fredericks
As Adobe ColdFusion and CFML have continued to evolve and improve over time, newer, more modern features have been added. These features will help developers who use CFML work better, faster, and more like other modern languages. These additions and improvements should help CFML’s standing in the industry because it is becoming more of a modern way to write code thus should attract more developers to at least take a new look at CFML.
Bulletproof Your Adobe ColdFusion Server With The Lockdown Guide - Pete Freitag
This session will give you an overview of the steps required to secure your Adobe ColdFusion server installation. Not only will you learn about the process, you will also learn about why each step is taken and how it protects your installation.
Where is Adobe ColdFusion headed? – An insight into the product roadmap
- Rakshith Naresh
Hear directly from the Product Manager of Adobe ColdFusion about how the product is geared towards handling the challenges associated with the new digital era. You will get a good sense of how Adobe ColdFusion developers can leverage the built-in capabilities in the product to contribute towards your organization goals. You will also hear about how the future of Adobe ColdFusion will help you enable your customers, who now do not accept anything less than digitization of business processes. You will also get a unique opportunity to participate in a live poll to make your opinion heard about the potential future directions of the product.
Key takaways from this session are:
  • Understand the power available in the newer version of the product - Adobe ColdFusion 2016
  • Get a clear understanding of the product roadmap and Adobe's commitment towards ColdFusion
  • Whether you are a decision maker, an architect, a developer or a system administrator, you will understand how Adobe ColdFusion Aether (code name for the next major version of ColdFusion) will efficiently help you accomplish your KPIs
 Why Everyone Else is Writing Bad Code - Dan Wilson
Coding can be considered an art form. However some art is better than others (I'm looking at you Jackson Pollock!). In this presentation, we'll look at code that is poorly written and look at other ways to express the same functionality in a clearer more concise way.
PDF’s Dynamic Features Made Possible with Adobe ColdFusion - Masha Edelen
Being born to Adobe family ColdFusion and PDFs have a native way of communication, allowing developers to create, edit, and protect PDFs on-the-fly. This presentation will show you how to take your PDFs to the next level utilizing latest arsenal of features, including form manipulations and advanced security features.
Crash Course in jQuery - Nolan Erck
jQuery has become ubiquitous with modern web development. It makes many common JavaScript tasks much easier, provides cross-browser support, and that’s only the beginning. After the basics, jQuery can also be used to easily add animation, asynchronous functionality (Ajax), and more to your projects.  This session will cover installing and using jQuery basics, then we’ll get into integrating jQuery into your HTML forms, Ajax, adding animations, and other effects to your websites, as well as some jQuery best practices.
Building APIs with Adobe ColdFusion, and the REST is easy... - Giancarlo Gomez
In this session, we will quickly discuss the benefits and constraints of RESTful services. REST does not have to be hard, in fact it’s not meant to be. We will learn this by building a simple API from scratch using the features available to us in Adobe ColdFusion. We will also explore how to achieve this using other popular community driven frameworks.

By the end of the talk, you’ll have a better understanding of REST use cases, and will be launching point for you to start integrating into your projects.

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