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AWS Spotlight Series - 2021
AWS Spotlight Series:
State & Local Government and Education
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
60 minutes

AWS and Carahsoft would like to offer you the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions on trending topics you and your organization care about. Check out our upcoming sessions in this series!

[REGISTER] June 17 - Continuous Modernization: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Many organizations are held back by legacy applications and struggle to modernize and take advantage of the agility, scalability, and cost savings of cloud-native technologies. Join Lonnie Buchanan, Chief Architect and Executive Security Director at Veracity Solutions, as he drills down on what exactly a legacy application looks like today and why your organization should modernize.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Key insights of continuous modernization
  • Veracity Solutions’s iterative approach
  • Problems an organization may encounter and how to overcome them

[REGISTER] July 15 - Enterprise AI/ML Operations in the Cloud

Cloud infrastructures require highly customized solutions for various systems. Migrating “the right way” then managing a hybrid cloud environment is harder than we have been led to believe. Many end up resorting to bandage solutions and human power that turn out to be costly in the end.

Cascadeo will be discussing workload migration and monitoring solutions. Our AI Ops platform gives us the data we need to help you with cloud cost optimization, right-sizing, migration planning, hybrid cloud operations, and more. We have taken our 14 years of excellence in engineering and operations, along with the best analytics and AI/ML technologies, and built a platform that fundamentally disrupts how we operate infrastructure.

[REGISTER] August 19 - Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Applications: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

Once you've determined that your strategic goals can be achieved using technology, how do you go about constructing that digital experience? Is there more value to be gained in an "out-of-the-box" or "off-the-shelf" software solution or does it make more sense to build a custom application from scratch? 

While the right solution will depend on the use case, there are technical and strategic questions that public sector leaders can ask to guide them towards an informed, low-risk decision. Join digital agency Mindgrub's SVP of Strategy & Design, Ben Slavin, as he details:

  • Whether or not you need an application at all to achieve your goals
  • Specific advantages and disadvantages to each approach and how to prioritize those factors
  • Real-world instances of an off-the-shelf app being the best option and others when a custom option provided more value
  • Decision making tools that will empower leaders to build a sustainable, cost-effective, performance digital solution that their audience will want to use

[REGISTER] September 16 - Migration in a Box: Seamlessly Move to the Cloud

Through a unique partnership between Amazon and Presidio, the Migration in a Box Program provides a packaged offering combining AWS’ best practices with Presidio’s deep expertise in planning, designing, and executing successful cloud migrations. Join this session and realize the benefits of cloud - resiliency, speed, and innovation – while automating, increasing agility and productivity and reducing overall technical debt.

Join us for one, or as many as you would like, to hear how AWS can help transform your organization's virtual environment today!

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