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Session Descriptions
Monday, January 25, 2021 | Digital Documents for Online Security and Optimization
Webinar 1: Supercharge Your PDF Workflows with Adobe Acrobat DC
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Receive an introduction to Adobe Acrobat, including its user interface, Adobe Document Cloud (DC) features, and document management capabilities
  • Navigate the Adobe Acrobat tool menu to efficiently find tools and organize them for easy access
  • Review the primary tool groups and how to leverage them in PDF workflows
  • Discover document management and editing best practices
  • Learn tips and tricks for how to easily organize pages and create dynamic links
  • Easily convert a scanned document to a fillable form
  • Access and deploy interactive PDF features to your projects 
Webinar 2: Leverage FedRAMP-Authorized Solutions for Secure, Accessible, and Compliant PDFs
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Explore Adobe Acrobat’s tools for security and compliance functionalities
  • Learn how to use the protect PDF features to lock documents from outside changes
  • Utilize the redaction tools to purge sensitive information from documents
  • Take advantage of Adobe Acrobat DC’s accessibility toolset to review, format, tag, and incorporate features into your workflow for digital documents that are up to compliance standards
  • Improve the accessibility features of your PDFs for all users
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 | Enhance Workplace Collaboration
Webinar 3: Reduce Delays with Shared Review & Collaboration Capabilities
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Leverage Adobe Acrobat features from any device through online Adobe Document Cloud access
  • Share documents with others for streamlined collaboration
  • Add in tools, such as the comments feature, to collaborate effectively with team members
  • Secure your shared documents with adjustable privacy settings
  • Explore options for hosting documents through Adobe Document Cloud
Webinar 4: Complete Document Control and Visibility with Adobe + Microsoft Integration Configurations
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Ensure accessible, secure, and adaptable workflows across Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft applications
  • Discover how Adobe and Microsoft technologies work together to give you full control and visibility over digital documents
  • Provide employees with seamless interaction tools for signing, viewing, and document approval
  • Send documents securely for signature via Adobe Sign from within Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint
  • Explore the full range of Adobe + Microsoft solution integration capabilities and configurations for your organization to leverage
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 | Accelerate Service Delivery with Integrated Online Forms
Webinar 5: Digitally Enhance Self-Service Experiences From Start to Finish with AEM Forms
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Seamlessly convert your current print forms to HTML5/mobile-optimized forms with the AEM Forms Automatic Forms Conversion tool
  • Enable form authors to view a form that emulates the environment in which an end-user will view and fill out the form with the AEM Device Emulator
  • Streamline the form filling experience to ensure accuracy and speed, configure rules into the forms, and define rules to trigger actions on form objects based on user inputs and actions on the form with the Rule Editor features in AEM Forms
  • Meet expectations for your users record preferences through the Document of Record in AEM Forms after a form is submitted
Webinar 6: Enable Automated Transactions with Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Discover how Adobe Sign and AEM Forms enable automated complex transactions, while including secure, legal e-signatures for a seamless digital experience
  • Present your recipients with the most efficient way to sign forms, dependent on the user’s device of choice
  • Securely host forms for user access and sign through Adobe Sign and the AEM Forms Portal
  • Effectively track documents, verify their validity, and manage storage options within Adobe Sign
  • Keep users engaged by providing regular form and document updates through automatically generated correspondences, delivered through AEM
Thursday, January 28, 2021 | Keep Government Processes Moving Forward with eSignatures
Webinar 7: Implement E-Signature Automation Tools for a Paperless Signing Experience
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Learn how to securely sign documents using both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign
  • Discover the differences between electronic and digital signatures
  • Explore how various government agencies are utilizing electronic signatures to streamline processes
Webinar 8: Serve Citizens and Employees Faster With Adobe Sign
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT | 30 minutes, 0.6 CPE credits
  • Eliminate the delays and hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and tracking progress manually with legal e-signature processes that streamline operations
  • Learn more about the benefits of this e-signature solution and the security and compliance aspects to which it adheres
  • Receive a full look at the various options for securely sending documents for signature through multiple customizable workflows
  • Discover how to fully leverage Adobe Sign to track and manage documents every step of the way

Ashley Bryan

We are pleased to offer continuing professional education (CPE) credits to those that attend the event. For more information on the CPE credits we are offering, our CPE sponsor (NASBA), and the submission process, please click here.

You do not need to be present for all eight webinars to be eligible for credit. However, you must earn 1 full credit, by attending 2 webinars for this program, to then earn an incremental 0.6 credit per webinar (1 CPE credit is based on 50-minutes). Participants may earn anywhere from 1.0 to 4.8 CPE credits across this series of webinars.
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