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The following newsletter summarizes notable news and current affairs in the law enforcement industry and provides access to informative and educational events. 

Count on Carahsoft for COVID-19 response solutions. As government agencies continue to focus on recovery response, preparedness, and adapt to our new normal, Carahsoft is available to support you with 24x7 live assistance and fast order processing for the solutions you need to make more data-driven decisions, help allocate resources, and keep the public informed during this time. Please call us at 888-662-2724 or email us for any of your IT needs.
In recent years, we've  become all too familiar with crises that can suddenly overtake our normal lives; shots are fired at a school, a bomb is detonated in a public space, a wildfire and flooding threatens to destroy a community - the list goes on. Clear and efficient communication is essential during those crucial first moments of a crisis, when police and first responders are
struggling to assess the situation, media outlets are scrambling for answers, and hospitals are reading for casualties, clear, efficient communication are essential. Indeed, it can mean the difference between life and death. 

To respond effectively, police organizations need to communicate and coordinate with internal resources and with outside agencies, the media, and the public. Missteps are no longer acceptable. The public demands swift, accurate communications and complete transparency - and police departments need to respond accordingly. 

As cryptocurrency continues to integrate into the global financial system, everyone from government regulators to compliance professionals are taking notice, but patterns of cryptocurrency usage vary widely around the world. In this report, Chainalysis' proprietary blockchain dataset is used to quantify those differences,
with expert interviews to put the data in its proper context. Access the report today and gain original research on cryptocurrency activity by region, usage in high-risk jurisdictions, how economic instability drives crypto adoption, and more!

Police agencies across the United States are being clamped in a vise, squeezed between legislative and public demand for greater transparency on one side, and concerns about privacy protection on the other side. A series of new state laws recently passed are requiring police departments to release video footage of critical incidents to the public within a short time frame. In parallel, the country is experiencing growing uproar over unnecessary use of force by some police officers, intensifying public outcry for greater police transparency. 
The Oregon Police Department in the City of Oregon, Ohio has endeavored to get ahead of demand for improved disclosure, while still accounting for legitimate concerns about privacy and minimizing labor, time, and costs. Discover how Veritone was able to support the Oregon Police Department's mission.
Silo is now considered a High Performer in the Threat Intelligence and Secure Web Gateways categories.
Adobe is committed to helping customers with the COVID-19 national emergency. 
Learn how fraudulent social media accounts are created, curated, and then re-packaged and sold on the darknet.
An investigative platform delivering deep, actionable insights from subpoenaed files for analysis and investigators.
Streamline the process of capturing accurate data in the field that will hold up under scrutiny in a court of law.
Learn how Okta enforces strong access control, advanced authentication, and logging.
Wasabi provides the industry's lowest-priced and highest-performing cloud storage solution. 
Providing public safety with real-time data analysis for emergency response and facial recognition. 
Find and collect necessary data from the broadest range of structured and unstructured data sources.
ADF provides investigators and examiners with post-scan options to speed investigations. 
Marion County harnesses Cognitive Capture, Mobility & Engagement and Process Orchestration technologies.
Discover how Cellebrite BlackLight aided an analysis by allowing a number of large data sets to be processed. 
BlackBerry UEM protects an expanding set of applications, devices, and endpoints from a single console.

October 6th-7thBlackBerry Security Summit 2020
October 15thAnti-Human Trafficking - Get Results On-Scene
October 20th-21stAdobe MAX 2020
October 21st-23rd
November 11th-12thCellebrite Connect Virtual Summit 2020
November 19thADF Digital Forensics: New Features

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  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety
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NetAbstraction - Protect Your Identity
A Guide to Mobile Device Investigations for Probation and Parole
Introduction to Cryptocurrency Concepts

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Carahsoft’s strong relationships with leading law enforcement partners and our deep understanding of the law enforcement landscape provides customers with the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies.

Our Law Enforcement Solutions Portfolio is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation, and analysis of law enforcement information and create an end-to-end law enforcement workflow. Our technologies help agencies fuse relevant, location-based data with modern mapping platforms to more effectively process information, thus enabling better decision making.
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