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To enhance your ServiceNow platform experience, ServiceNow offers an ecosystem of complimentary Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions. From learning management systems, to risk management framework, ServiceNow’s ISV partners offer applications to help your agency get the most out of your ServiceNow platform. Check out our full list of ServiceNow add-ons here.




How to Optimize Customer Service with ServiceNow Virtual Agent and 3CLogic

ServiceNow's Virtual Agent and 3CLogic combine self-resolution tools and human interaction into one solution. In this webinar, you will learn the strategies and best practices needed to provide optimal omnichannel customer service with Virtual Agent and 3CLogic.

3CLogic Announces Cloud Contact Center Integration for Microsoft Teams

The 3CLogic offering extends the Microsoft market-leading collaboration tool with its global enterprise cloud call center platform. The solution also offers integration with CRMs and systems of records.


BPE V3.3 Drives Success for Instances

Large and Small

Bravium Labs has released BPE V3.3 to help customers who have instances of all sizes. 

BPE reduces code review times with high-performance scanning that makes ServiceNow work better for you. As an official Built on Now product, BPE ensures high-grade platform performance and security standards.
Visit our page here to learn more about BPE and view the sessions from our BPE Virtual Conference 2020. There, we showcased our dashboards, discussed our scanning process, and held a workshop on our definitions that enforce the best practices.


Augmented Reality Remote Support for ServiceNow

CareAR is an enterprise-grade augmented reality support platform for the modern ServiceNow enabled organization. CareAR enables ServiceNow management teams anywhere, to provide real-time visual AR assistance, guidance, and compliance. IT, Customer, and Field Service workflow solutions and can be viewed here

We also introduced ways CareAR can address COVID-19 concerns in the following 2 part solution series.
Click here to view Part 1
Click here to view Part 2

CareAR and Google Glass announced a partnership around utilizing their smart glass with CareAR as part of a ServiceNow integrated solution. CareAR allows agents or experts to visually support their customer or field tech to see "what they see" Benefits realized include greater operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Lastly, CareAR and Google Glass announced a partnership around utilizing their smart glass with CareAR as part of a ServiceNow integrated solution viewed here.

View our solutions brief here.


Integrate ServiceNow and DocuSign using eSignifi

eSignifi is a ServiceNow Store app that offers a declarative, configuration driven approach to integrating ServiceNow and DocuSign. Low-to-no-code is required to get started for simple use cases and the ability to add scripts. The result is you get legally signed, archivable, and court-admissible documents.
DocuSign for Federal Government is authorized at the FedRAMP moderate level (PII/PHI data) and is in the process of requesting DoD IL4 authorization. eSignifi has been used by customers across many different industries on use cases including contracts, HR, compliance reports, and equipment signoff.
Click here to view the one-page document on using eSignifi to integrate DocuSign for Federal into your ServiceNow platform.


Nuvolo's Fully Connected Workplace

Returning to the Workplace
The lack of a Connected Workplace platform will make it difficult to plan a long term strategy around employees returning to the workplace. Multiple departments need to collaborate and share the same data to make the new normal work. Built on ServiceNow, Nuvolo's Connected Workplace connects all people, locations, assets, and business services on the same platform.

There are 5 questions you should ask yourself when planning your strategy. Are you ready?


The central role of learning is more critical than ever in the Public Sector. Training serves to maintain your agency’s safety, connection, compliance, and security in the midst of foundational changes.

In this webinar, PlatCore CEO, Jon Becker shares 5 key features a Government LMS needs, and why they are so important to your agency – and staff. 
Click below to watch the on-demand recording: 5 Key Features of a Government LMS



Schedule a FREE assessment of your ServiceNow Discovery Implementation!

An accurate and reliable CMDB is required for every successful ServiceNow Implementation, whether it be IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, or Security Operations.

ServiceNow Discovery automates the population of the CMDB providing you with data required to underpin the processes implemented in ServiceNow.

  • Is your CMDB accurate and reliable?
  • Are you getting the full value of your ServiceNow Discovery Implementation?

Can you quantify the answers to the two questions above?

We are offering a limited time, comprehensive assessment of your ServiceNow Discovery Implementation to provide insights into the quality of your CMDB with step-by-step remediation for identified issues.

Click here to schedule your FREE assessment!


Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Regulatory Content Subscriptions for ServiceNow

SerenityEHS has partnered with ENHESA to integrate EHS regulatory content into the ServiceNow platform. EHS laws across all of your establishments can be overwhelming.

    EHS can deliver ENHESA regulatory content to companies of any size. Non-compliance with EHS laws can have many consequences, such as fines, prison sentences, operational shutdowns, and increased injury
    Click here to view our datasheet.
    Learn more about SerenityEHS and ENHESA.



    UXstorm PDF 4.0 Released

    UXstorm PDF 4.0 now supports PIV/CAC Digital Signatures. Works within a Government network using only ServiceNow, your browser, and Adobe Reader.

    UXstorm UXsheets 2.0 Released

    UXstorm UXsheets 2.0 was just released and now supports real citizen development. Users can use any spreadsheet with multiple tabs, complex data calculations, etc. When done, the UI will still be the spreadsheet within ServiceNow! No UI work required. The technology also enables the creation of applications, multiple tables, fields, choices, references, calculations, dependencies, and more.



    Saving Summer School: How CyberReef Helped School

    Districts go the Distance with Distance Learning 

    In May, CyberReef received an urgent request from a state department of education that serves students in the Western U.S. Nine school districts needed to bring virtual classrooms to over 8,000 summer school students. Within the short span of two weeks, we set up service for all 256 schools in the districts. Even with a rapid-fire setup, each school received turn-key service that is Secure.

    Students are connected using private, secure networks. Each private network utilizes CIPA-compliant content filtering, blocking sites that would be inappropriate for students to view. We provided this service free for six months to remove economic barriers to access. We provide our standard "white glove" set up and paired it with continued monitoring; not a single school user needed to install an app or navigate a new IT system.
    Saving summer school for 8,000 students was just the first phase of CyberReef's partnership with the Department of Education. Now the company is gearing up for phase II: large-scale deployment of networks which ensure all 180,000 school districts' students can access the virtual classroom. Connecting students to virtual classrooms has rapidly become many districts' number one priority, says CyberReef.

    Connect students in your district today.



    View the on-demand recording now: Enabling the Digital Economy with Service and Data at PayPal

    Featuring Naveed Khawar, Manager of Service Analytics and Optimization at PayPal

    Watch the on-demand recording to hear how PayPal, the global leader in digital payments, partnered with Perspectium to overcome performance challenges when extracting essential ServiceNow data for reporting and analytics in their corporate database.

    Custom APIs and ETL tools were not sustainable, and a solution was needed for their data growth goals and high availability demands. That solution is Perspectium DataSync.

    View the on-demand recording now: Don't Break The Bank, featuring Perspectium and ServiceNow

    For any IT organization, balancing short-term resource and time constraints against long-term agency needs is a challenge. Technical or data debt can result in functional overload or data bloat that must be addressed.

    Join service management legends, David Loo of Perspectium and Chuck Tomasi of ServiceNow, as they discuss how to avoid breaking the bank with technical and data debt. Hear about trends, implications, and best practices that will set your IT function up for long-term success.



    WalkMe - Digital Adoption for ServiceNow

    Due to COVID-19, agency leaders rely more than ever on their technology investments to maintain business as usual which is why digital adoption is key.

    WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to simplify the user experience. WalkMe’s transparent overlay on ServiceNow provides the following benefits:
    • Empower Remote Employees and Service Agents
    • Improve Self-Service, reduce IT support tickets
    • Streamline Software Usage & Gain Visibility on Productivity

    Read here about how digital adoption for applications like ServiceNow can drive benefits for the public sector and keep business continuity. Also, learn how Standard Chartered Bank, by using WalkMe for ServiceNow, increased operational efficiency & productivity as well as retired more than 30 lengthy user guides.

    Harjeet Khalsa
    ISV Partner Manager 
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