VMware Virtual Power Block Sessions
VMware Virtual Power Block Sessions
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August 4 – vSphere 7: Leveraging Containers & Kubernetes

Use your existing data center tools and workflows to give developers secure, self-serve access to conformant Kubernetes clusters in your VMware private cloud and extend the same consistent Kubernetes runtime across your public cloud and edge environments.

August 5 - Horizon in the Cloud

The VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployments.

August 6 – Package Applications with Helm to deploy on vSphere with Kubernetes

Helm is the de-facto package management tool for Kubernetes. In this demonstration we will explore how to utilize a common open source tool, Helm, in tandem with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes solution on vSphere 7. Helm will allow us to package a cloud native application and deploy the core business logic along with any dependencies in an easy to execute format removing excess potential for human error during instantiation.

August 11 - NSX 101: Learning through VMware Hands on Lab

The VMware Hands-on Labs deliver a fully operational live desktop environment for you to experience VMware products with no setup required. With click-by-click guidance and all products pre-installed, you can focus on the product features that you value most. Come watch a VMware engineer walk you through a NSX lab.

August 12 - Security Policies Across Multi-Site NSX-T Federated Environments

Application identity, or fingerprinting, is a critical component to properly applying security policies within a geographically dispersed environment. In this demonstration we will explore how to successfully secure workloads as they traverse location boundaries of a multi-site private data center environment by applying policy to a centralized NSX-T Global Manager to then Federate, and distribute, to all relevant locations. This will afford us the ability to define security policies once based on the application regardless of workload location.

August 13 - vSAN Sizing for Different Workloads

This session will cover:

  • How to plan different workloads for hyperconverged data centers
  • Learn some of the considerations for high availability and performance

August 17 – Securing the New Perimeter: Remote Employees

Agencies are constantly learning to adjust the operational and cybersecurity requirements of a remote workforce. And the stakes are high. Faced with the combined challenges of an expanding risk surface area, a disparate staff, and a complex set of tools and workflows, security teams need help.

VMware Carbon Black can help your organization secure your devices that are off the corporate network. No matter their connection VMware Carbon Black can provide teams with the full visibility and control required to consistently prevent, detect, and respond to threats to all protected endpoints, regardless of their location

August 18 - Terraform IaC (Infrastructure as Code) in a vSphere Environment

Terraform IaC (Infrastructure as Code) in a vSphere environment. - Deploying a 2-tier app (WordPress) including NSX-T 3.0 for load balancers and Distributed Firewall Rules.

August 19 - Purebred Derived Credentials used in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and VDI

August 20 - Action Based Extensibility (ABX) Customization with vRealize Automation

ABX or “Action Based Extensibility” through Cloud Assembly is another function of vRealize Automation. Allowing administrators some additional automation to be utilized at different parts of the deployment lifecycle, this can be utilized to take blueprints to another level

August 25 - Avi Networks: The Advanced NSX Load Balancer

Avi Networks provides software-defined Load Balancing at its core. Complementing the core service is a plethora of mouthwatering services and features. Surely the reason Avi was acquired by VMware on July 11th 2019. Rebranded as the NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Some of the features include application analytics, predictive autoscaling, micro-segmentation and WAF (Web Application Firewall) all this and on both cloud and on-prem. The Load Balancer for any platform!

August 26 - Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with Code Stream

vRealize Code Stream helps organizations looking to embrace a continuous integration/continuous delivery approach to the delivery of application or IT code. It is an application release automation solution that enables developers and IT teams to release.

August 27 - vCloud Foundation

Learn how organizations are modernizing with hyper converged infrastructure.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4 is a Hybrid Cloud Platform that accelerates development of modern applications and automates the deployment and lifecycle management of complex Kubernetes environments alongside mission critical enterprise applications.

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