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Course Outline

Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion

Introduction to the Course
  • Getting the exercise files
  • Downloading and Installing CommandBox
  • Installing and configuring VS code for ColdFusion
Introduction to ColdFusion
  • What is ColdFusion
  • Printing data on the screen
  • Discovering the cfscript syntax
  • Commenting code in tag syntax
  • Commenting code in script syntax
  • Using <cfdump> and writedump()
  • Touring the ColdFusion administrator
Variables and Datatypes
  • Creating simple variables
  • CFML is weakly typed
  • Creating Lists
  • Discovering the ColdFusion functions
  • Understanding the list delimiter
  • Lists with Empty items
  • Finding items in lists
  • Creating arrays
  • Empty items in arrays
  • Finding items in an array
  • Merging arrays
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Exploring Array functions
  • Creating structures
  • About key names in structs
  • Finding items in structures
  • Merging and copying structures
  • Shallow Copy vs Deep Copy
  • Null Support in ColdFusion
  • Caching variables
Main ColdFusion Constructs
  • Simple if statement in script syntax
  • Nested ifs
  • Simple if statement in tag syntax
  • Comparison operators in the tag syntax
  • The Ternary operator
  • The switch case construct
  • The break keyword in a switch case
  • If statements in switch case
  • Reviewing the for loop
  • Reviewing the while loop and the do-while loops
  • Reviewing the For In loop
  • Looping over lists
  • Looping over arrays
  • Looping over structures
  • Break and continue
ColdFusion Functions
  • Creating a simple function
  • Function arguments
  • Required and optional arguments
  • Type checking the arguments
  • Passing arguments into functions
  • Returning data from a function
  • Creating functions with tags
  • About scopes in general
  • The default variables scope
  • The var scope of a function
  • The CGI Scope
  • The Application.cfc file
  • The older Application.cfm file
  • The Application scope
  • The Session scope
  • Session Identifiers and the Cookie scope
  • The Server Scope
  • Locking
Reusing Code
  • Using simple <cfinclude>
  • <cfinclude> and the variables scope
  • Use cases for cfincludes
  • Using cfinclude with functions
  • When cfinclude is not a good idea
  • Custom tags with <cfimport>
  • Opening and closing custom tags
  • Passing attributes to custom tags
  • The request scope
  • Custom tags with <cfmodule>
  • Custom tags with the <cf_> syntax
The Application Framework
  • The main app framework variables
  • Include non .cfm files
  • onApplicationStart() and onSessionStart()
  • Request event handlers
  • onsessionEnd() and on ApplicationEnd()
  • Other event handlers
  • Using cfInclude in Application.cfc
Basic Database Operations
  • Creating a DSN
  • Using CFquery
  • This.datasource in Application.cfc
  • Displaying Query Data
  • Grouping Query output
  • Creating dynamic queries
  • Using Query parameters
  • Query metadata
  • Using queryexecute()
  • Caching queries
  • Queries of queries
  • Using the ValueList() function
  • Other tags for creating queries
Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion
  • Creating Components
  • Methods in components
  • Creating component instances
  • The constructor method
  • Understanding components, instances and objects
  • Public and private methods in components
  • Understanding the need for accessors
  • Creating accessors manually
  • Cfproperty and the automatic accessors 
  • Overriding the implicit accessors
  • Using the Getter and setter attributes of the <cfproperty> tag
  • Inheritance : the "is a" relationship
  • Using the extends attribute
  • The super keyword
  • Multi-level inheritance
  • Using Abstract componentd
  • Inheritance best practices
  • Composition, the "has a" relationship
  • Advanced composition
  • Using composition and inheritances in an application
  • Understanding the use of interfaces
  • Creating interfaces
  • Using interfaces
  • What interfaces do 
  • Using interfaces with multiple components
  • Basic CRUD operations with CFC
  • Building a search functionality
  • Building a model layer in your app
  • Caching component instances in the application scope
  • Caching in the session scope
An introduction TO ORM
  • Enabling ColdFusion ORM
  • Building a simple ORM entity
  • Creating and displaying ORM data
  • Updating and deleting ORM entities
  • Creating relationships
  • Managing ORM sessions
Basic Error Handling in ColdFusion
  • Try Catch
  • Throw and rethrow
  • Using OnError
  • Introduction to forms, cfforms and data validation
  • The URL and the FORM scopes
  • Protecting against CSRF attacks
  • Logging In users in and out
  • Encoding data
  • Using remote CFC methods
  • Uploading files to ColdFusion
  • Securing file uploads
PDF and Spreadsheet Support in ColdFusion
  • Using <cfdocument>
  • Creating PDF files from a URL
  • Using <cfdocumentitem> and <cfdocumentsection>
  • Saving PDF files with <cfdocument>
  • PDF best practices
  • Using <cfhtmltopdf>
  • Using <cfpdf>
  • DDX support in ColdFusion
  • Manipulating spreadsheets  in ColdFusion

For detailed questions on the program agenda, please contact kishore@adobe.com.

Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion
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