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Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Program
Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion
Course Outline

Introduction to ColdFusion
  • ColdFusion and CF Builder
  • ColdFusion Installation
  • Dynamic generation of Pages using CFML (Hello World)
  • ColdFusion Administrator
  • ColdFusion Datasources
Getting Started with Adobe ColdFusion Builder
  • ColdFusion Builder Primer
ColdFusion Fundamentals
  • Commenting code 
  • Conditional statements 
  • Reusing code with <cfinclude> 
  • Reusing code with Custom Tags and CFModule
  • Writing and Using CFFunctions
  • Working with forms
  • Working with forms – best practice
Database Operations
  • Displaying database data – cfoutput and cfloop
  • Introducing CurrentRow
  • Using the Resultset data – current row, record count, cache, column list, valuelist()
  • Using URL data in dynamic queries
  • Creating dynamic SQL for multiple search criteria
  • Query parameters and caching
Variable and Data Types
  • Working with lists, arrays, and structures 
  • Looping over data
Shared Scopes and Handling State
  • Addressing the web’s statelessness
  • Session and Application Variables
  • Locking shared scope variables
Application Framework
  • Using the application framework
  • Configuring application settings 
  • Handling application events
  • Handling request events 
  • Handling session events
  • OnServerStart()
  • applicationStop()
PDF Operations in CF
  • Installing HTML to PDF Engine
  • Creating PDFs with <cfdocument> 
  • HTML to PDF Conversion with <cfhtmltopdf>
  • Introduction to DDX support
Object Oriented ColdFusion
  • Instance-based components 
  • Caching instances
  • Adding methods to a component
  • Public and Private
  • Property getters and setters
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Composition
  • Interfaces
  • Models

For detailed questions on the program agenda, please contact kishore@adobe.com.

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