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Carahsoft Geospatial Intelligence Solutions Newsletter

The following newsletter summarizes notable news in the government geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) industry, current events, and provides access to informative and educational events.
Leverage Mapbox Alongside Your Esri Products
Esri and ArcGIS users have the power to harness the visualization and dissemination capabilities of Mapbox Vector Maps alongside existing Esri datasets. Build your custom maps by bringing Esri data into Mapbox. Map styles can then be output back into ArcGIS through the seamless, joint application of both platforms.
SketchUp & LayOut Enhancements with SketchUp 2019.2
The latest update to the SketchUp platform focuses on image exports and ease of use to improve professional output and workflow. The usability of LayOut is now more natural and consistent with SketchUp when developing 3D models for your projects.
Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) Used Spike to Verify LiDAR Data
Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) measured the heights of over 350 historic buildings in 7 days in the field with Spike and Collector for ArcGIS. The measurements captured were used to verify LiDAR data for a 3D Historic District environment created in ArcGIS Pro for the City of Roswell, Georgia.
See how state and local governments are using GIS mapping to inform policy and improve services.
Uncover the ways 3D printing is increasing manufacturing capacity in the fourth industrial revolution.
Explore how incorporating competition is contributing to fleet safety efforts.
Discover the integration through a visualization of the Mid Atlantic as a heatwave unfolded.
Access the on-demand webinar to gain insight into the uses of traffic data.
Examine the results of Air Force Materiel Command's implementation of Active Risk Manager.
October 17thBuild your own 3D map with LIDAR point clouds – Online
November 7thModernizing Mapping: Live location as technology innovation – Online
November 18th-23rdGEOINT 2019 Community Week –  Northern VA
November 23rdGEOINT GEOGala 2019 – Reston, VA
March 2nd-3rdWEST 2020 – San Diego, CA

Carahsoft's strong relationships with leading geospatial intelligence partners, and our deep understanding of the GEOINT landscape, provides customers with the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies. 

Our Geospatial Intelligence Solutions Portfolio is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation, and analysis of geographic information and create an end-to-end workflow. Our technologies help agencies fuse relevant, location data with modern mapping platforms to more effectively process information, thus enabling better decision making.

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