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Debunking False Claims on the Cyber Battlefield: Key Intelligence Takeaways From the Israel Hamas War

On October 7, following Hamas’s attack on Israel, a spectrum of cyber actors turned to social media to both condemn and endorse the attacks. Shortly thereafter, hacktivists joined the fray, engaging in defacements and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on various Israeli and Palestinian websites. While many of these claims were legitimate, others were later debunked, underscoring the importance of verification and validation when sourcing information online.

Flashpoint combines robust data collection with intelligence methodologies to collect and sift through large volumes of data, helping the world’s mission-critical organizations filter out the noise and make informed decisions during times of war.

At this online event, attendees heard from Olan Johnson, Solutions Architect at Flashpoint, on four possible waves of cyberattacks and cyberterrorism, examples of legitimate attacks vs. deceptive tactics, and discernment strategies and lessons learned.

Watch the on-demand recording! Did you miss the event? Click here to access the recorded version of the webinar!

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