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Thanks for your interest in our Forward Networks Webinar Series: Securing Federal Networks with a Digital Twin event.
Unfortunately the event is over.

As the Federal Government undergoes a digital transition the rate of change for Federal Networks is increasing at an exponential rate. How can you track the behavior and health of your network when it’s comprised of 10’s of thousands of devices across the world, in various data centers, virtual and cloud environments? How can you tell with high fidelity if the changes you’re making are working as you intended when every device, cloud, model, version and configuration behaves in a slightly different way? There has to be a better way and Forward Networks is the answer.

During these weekly sessions, Forward Networks subject-matter experts took a dive into:
  • You Can't Secure What You Can't See - May 20, 2021 
    • Discussed how Forward Networks ensured automated compliance, isolation between segments of your network, and used to prove zero trust. 
  • Worry Free Closed-Loop Network Automation - June 3, 2021 
    • Attendees of this session learned how combining automation with the visualization, verification, and predictive capabilities of the Forward Networks Platform can prevent unexpected behaviors when automating network changes.
  • How a Digital Twin Will Make Your Network More Agile, Predictable, and Secure - June 17, 2021 
    • This session discussed how the mathematical model that powers the Forward Networks digital twin accurately models every possible behavior of your network.
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