Thank you for your interest in our webcast, Edge to Cloud Strategy With Buurst Fuusion. 

Unforunately the webcast is now over. We're sorry we missed you!

To view the on-demand recording of the webcast, click here.

During this webcast, Buurst subject-matter experts discussed the benefits of migrating from the edge to Fuusion, including the ability to:

  • Control and centrally manage data flow from the edge to the cloud and the cloud to the edge
  • Aggregate disparate data and process at the edge as well as transform data into a format for cloud services
  • Accelerate secure and reliable networks regardless of network conditions (high latency/high packet loss networks)
  • Leverage the Apache Nifi open-source developed by the NSA for the Fuusion data flow engine
  • Comply with FedRAMP

Sophia Benevento

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