Thank you for your interest in our Splunk & Corelight webinar series: SOAR, ASAP from Splunk & Corelight!

Participants joined cybersecurity experts from Splunk and Corelight for a two-part webinar series designed to help overcome any security obstacles your organization is facing. Corelight and Splunk Phantom have an answer that starts with extraordinary data, a powerful SOAR platform, and expert playbooks. Not only can you cut down on noise but you can elevate the effectiveness of your entire SOC.

Date & TimeTopic & Description
Wednesday, October 28th
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
Removing Barriers to Entry: Our experts will examine these areas and highlight how Splunk and Corelight provide a joint solution that will fast-track you into SOAR. You’ll learn a new approach to SOAR, how to simplify data acquisition, why the right platform makes all the difference, and how to solve big problems using the right process
Recording: Click here
Wednesday, November 4th
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT
Make Everyone An Expert: Our elite cybersecurity practitioners will teach you how these playbooks can help you reduce the number of alerts that analysts see, cut time to resolution, and improving decision quality across inconsistent analyst skill sets
Recording: Click here

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