Adobe Go Beyond Web Conferencing
Go Beyond Web Conferencing
Create Exceptional Digital Training, Webinar, and Collaboration Experiences
August 13 - August 17, 2018
11:00am ET & 2:00pm ET daily
30 minute sessions
Join our complimentary 10-part webinar series to learn how to create exceptional digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences using Adobe Connect. Whether you’re new to the world of web conferencing and its possibilities, or a seasoned professional, there is a session for you – from the foundations of hosting a session to advanced features and best practices that return seamless experiences.

Pick and choose which sessions you want to attend across the week, our morning sessions each day will focus on the foundations of web conferencing with Adobe Connect and the afternoon sessions will add on with more advanced features and uses. Check out the full schedule below to find the sessions you want to attend!

Date & TimeSession
Monday, August 13
11am ET; 8am PT
Foundations: Adobe Connect Meetings
Where you hold your meeting is almost as important as the content of your meeting. With Adobe Connect, you can create persistent virtual meeting rooms that can be customized. Learn how easy it is to get started and best practices to create and manage your virtual meeting experiences with Adobe Connect.
Monday, August 13
2pm ET; 11am PT
Can you Hear Me Now? Audio Demystified
Want to use integrated audio but don't know how?  After all, having audio during a meeting shouldn't be a mystery - it should be a no brainer. We'll take a look at all the options for using audio in Adobe Connect so you can decide which is right for you and avoid the awkward and unprofessional pitfalls of audio mishaps. 
Tuesday, August 14
11am ET; 8am PT
Foundations: Adobe Connect Training 
Want the engagement of an in-person learning experience with the convenience and mobility of online learning? See how you can create custom learning experiences that engage learners through interactivity and collaboration, taking your online trainings to the next level - whether they are live or self-paced. 
Tuesday, August 14
2pm ET; 11am PT
Attention Please! Engagement Features 
You want to make sure your trainings are engaging, but how? Take a look at some of Adobe Connect's top engagement features and tools, like custom applications, gamification, video, and more, plus gain some best practices that are sure to keep your learners engaged. 
Wednesday, August 15
11am ET; 8am PT
Foundations: Adobe Connect Webinars
Hosting a webinar is one of the more effective ways to present an audience with information, no matter their geographical location. Go beyond screen-sharing and chat, and provide an engaging experience with interactive content. Make sure you join Thursday's Event Management session to see more webinar- specific functionalities! 
Wednesday, August 15
2pm ET; 11am PT
Accessibility: Connect with Everyone
It's important that everybody can enjoy your web conferencing session. With a little bit of planning, an Adobe Connect meeting can be easily accessible for all audiences. Learn how to set up a room, conduct meetings with enhanced accessibility features, keyboard navigation, and so much more!
Thursday, August 16
11am ET; 8am PT
Foundations: Event Management
You've got an event and speakers, but you need attendees! Learn how to create and host compelling micro-sites to help promote your event and register users and then leverage powerful email features to invite participants, send reminders and updates, and follow up after your event. Plus with robust analytics, you can measure engagement and get the insight needed into your webinars and events. 
Thursday, August 16
2pm ET; 11am PT
Customize the Experience
Expand your brand to your web conferencing meetings. Create persistent virtual spaces that can be customized with your own content, layouts, branding, and URLs.
Friday, August 17
11am ET; 8am PT
Foundations: Reporting & Tracking
With robust analytics, you have the ability to report and track various aspects of a meeting. Discover how to optimize the data available in Adobe Connect and get the insight you need. 
Friday, August 17
2pm ET; 11am PT
Ask the Experts
Still have more questions? Join us for our last session of the week to pick the brains of our panel of Adobe Connect Experts.

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