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Securing the Digital Transformation of Critical Infrastructure Without Affecting Reliability
Featured Speakers:
  • Ryan P. Brichant, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global Critical Infrastructure, ICS/OT Security, ForeScout Technologies, Inc.
  • Wayne Dixon, Director, OT Technology Management, ForeScout Technologies, Inc.
  • Jamison UtterHead of IoT and OT Initiatives, Palo Alto Networks
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
11:00am ET; 8:00am PT
60 minutes
Digital innovations are being introduced into public utilities and smart city operational technology (OT) infrastructure, which can create new cyber security threat vectors. OT networks are becoming more connected than ever. Yet since they were traditionally air-gapped, there has been less emphasis on cyber security.

It is now critical to find and protect device connections that could be a threat vector for malicious attacks that can negatively affect business operations, data, and even citizen safety. Security best practices suggest the need to continually identify connected assets and to apply policies for controlled access and better network segmentation.

Join ForeScout, Palo Alto Networks, and Carahsoft for a complimentary webcast to learn how to use non-disruptive security techniques that achieve these core principals while prioritizing uptime of operational networks and the safety of those involved.

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