Discover how government agencies are transforming the way they create, protect, and communicate information to citizens and employees through personalized experiences delivered across any channel. Join our complimentary webinar series running Monday, June 19 - Friday, June 23, 2017 to see firsthand how Adobe solutions enable agencies to securely and efficiently "keep up" with customer service levels citizens receive outside of government interactions. 

11:00am - 12:00pm ET2:00pm - 3:00pm ET
Monday, June 19 
Create, Manage, and Deliver Relevant Digital Content
Reimagine Websites and Forms
Create and manage digital experiences across responsive web and mobile sites with forms and documents that support citizen engagement and social communications.
Create Assets Across Multiple Channels
Deliver better and more targeted digital assets faster by collaborating across creative professionals, public affairs, strategic communicators, and content managers. Use connected workflows that optimize content production from the initial concept to final review and approval.
Tuesday, June 20 
Protect Your High Value Assets
Protect High Value Assets and Enhance the End User Experience
Ensure that all high value documents and digital assets are persistently protected, independent of storage or transport. Build in dynamic content protection that extends beyond the firewall and network – maintaining control of your content wherever it travels.
Build Continuous Monitoring
Understand how people who have authorized access to your content is key, however know how those who are not supposed to have the document, or might be using them incorrectly is imperative. Find better ways to comply with Federal Law and Continuous Data Monitoring.
Wednesday, June 21 
Build a Better Foundation to Engage and Communicate
Transform Your Digital Experiences to Keep Pace with Changing Citizen Needs and Expectations
Create online community experiences that inspire conversation through forums, resources, and other social features that connect your agency with your citizens and employees.
Deliver Engaging Experiences Across All Channels
Communicate with your audience, in the right place, at the right time, on the communication channels most relevant to them. Understand and leverage analytics and personalization to help modernize how you think about and engage with citizens and constituents.
Thursday, June 22 
Understand the Citizen Journey and Deliver the Best Experiences
Automate and Improve Your Audience Engagement at Every Touch Point in the Citizen Journey
Coordinate your efforts to do away with inefficient, disperse, and complicated technologies and processes to optimize online and offline experiences for your audience. Create better, more engaging mobile and digital journeys to lead to increased loyalty, satisfaction, and even improved efficiency for you and them.
Get a Holistic View of Audiences Across Their Interactions from Mobile to Web
Know and understand your audience so you can communicate with them more effectively. When it comes to delivering content, the old way of “spray and pray,” and delivering a one size fits all approach to communicating is no longer effective. Today and in the future, it becomes even more important to know and understand your audience so you can communicate with them more effectively.
Friday, June 23 
Make Experience Your Business: Improve Operational Efficiency to Reduce Costs and Increase Capabilities
Modernize Your Enterprise Intranet, Forms, Team Collaboration, Search Effectiveness, and Productivity
Leverage your existing technology while reducing overhead costs and improving content awareness to get the job done faster, offer better search capabilities to improve the quality and fidelity of your information, and combine data insights for more effective program management.
Employee and Citizen Self-Service
Deliver better experiences that empower your end users to be more efficient, from better enrollment processes for citizen services, like applying for child care, to enabling mobile field workers to inspect, process, or manage content in an offline environment.

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